Bryce Hall hits back after Fouseytube claims he could have ‘exposed’ him

Virginia Glaze

TikTok star Bryce Hall is hitting back after OG YouTuber Fouseytube claimed he could have exposed Hall “to the world” during a podcast episode with H3H3’s Ethan Klein.

The year is 2023, and Fouseytube is beefing with Bryce Hall once again.

Fouseytube is an OG YouTuber who is best known for his popular skits, pranks, and vlogs — although he hasn’t uploaded a video in nearly a year. He has also dabbled in influencer-boxing, taking on the likes of Slim Albaher and Deji in the ring.

However, fans are now eyeing another potential bout for Fousey amid his ongoing argument with TikTok star Bryce Hall, an influencer who is set to fight in a bare-knuckle boxing event on August 11.

Fouseytube is an OG YouTuber who got into a physical altercation with TikToker Bryce Hall in late 2021.

Fouseytube opens up about altercation with Bryce Hall on Reality House

The speculation started after Fouseytube made an appearance on the H3 Podcast on July 19, where he claimed to host Ethan Klein that he could “expose” Bryce Hall for past wrongdoings.

“When he pushes me, and I tell him, ‘You’re lucky I don’t tell the world what I know about you, ’cause I know sh*t about Bryce,” Fousey said. “I could have unloaded. I could have unloaded from the beginning.”

(Topic begins at 1:28:37)

Fousey made this claim while he was discussing a past incident between himself and Bryce, who were both kicked out of the reality influencer show ‘Reality House’ after getting into a physical altercation on set back in 2021.

Their scuffle began after a seemingly intoxicated Fouseytube pushed a female cast member away from him with the palm of his hand. Hall took issue with this and, after exchanging a few heated words with him, punched Fousey in the face, knocking him out.

Fousey has since admitted that he was drunk during the altercation and credits the incident for helping him to become sober. He also gave props to Bryce for his “clean punch” and said he has “nothing against” him over the ordeal.

Bryce Hall lashes out at Fouseytube after YouTuber said he could have “exposed” him

Hall caught wind of Fouseytube’s most recent comments about him and took to Twitter to air things out.

“Just saw some clips of the @h3h3productions podcast & saw @fousey say that he could ‘expose’ me for a bunch of things I do because he’s known me for so long?” he wrote. “What is this subtweet highschool bullsh*t? Don’t say you know sh*t about me then proceed to say a bunch of nothing, you old twat.”

He continued, writing in another post: “…the fact this fart hole Fousey is putting out a false narrative of my persona because I slept his dumb ass a year ago is just PETTY. Take the L and stop drinking alcohol you TWAT.”

Fousey was quick to respond to Bryce’s tweets, saying in reply: “Been sober since the incident. Sobriety date of 9/15/21. You should do the same.”

“I’ve been sober for over a month because I can control my vices,” Hall shot back. “I don’t touch people when they don’t wanna be touched when I drink alcohol. Can you say the same?”

It’s unclear if this beef will escalate any further into a potential boxing match, but it’s certainly interesting that drama from years ago is once again brewing between these two internet stars right as big boxing matches are set to take place for Jake Paul and KSI.