FouseyTube criticized for repeatedly “hitting on” streamer with boyfriend

. 3 years ago
Twitter: fleeksie, YouTube: FouseyTube

YouTuber Yousef ‘FouseyTube’ Erakat has been criticized for repeatedly hitting on a girl while she’s streaming, despite apparently knowing she has a boyfriend and her continued requests for him to stop.

Fousey has had a rollercoaster couple of years. After becoming a wildly successful and popular personality on YouTube for his pranks and vlogs, a number of personal issues throughout 2018 and 2019 affected his content and public persona.

Since then, though, Fousey has clearly been making an active effort to overcome his struggles with mental health issues to get back to creating good content on both YouTube and Twitch.

YouTube: FouseyTube
Fousey has overcome a lot of issues to get his life and content-creation career back on track.

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In a series of tweets posted on January 2, streamer ‘RLaw’ shared a clip of Fousey restreaming his attempts to “hit on” his girlfriend ‘fleeksie’, despite being reminded that she has a boyfriend.

“You’ve come into my girlfriend’s stream multiple times hitting on her and restreaming her reaction,” he states, “after shes told you she has a boyfriend several times now.”

Replying to one of the responders, he said “she has verbally told him she has a bf and he came back hours later trying to shoot his shot again and has come back several times since… She was ending stream or I would’ve snapped.”

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Following up a few hours later, RLaw tweeted that “Fousey has reached out to me in DMs apologizing as well as owned the mistake on his stream. I got the chance to hop in Discord with him as well and talk it out.”

After a few hours, RLaw tweeted again, saying “Fousey and I have no drama atm. Shelly is asleep so I can’t speak for her, I’m sure she’s still upset but the hate and threats are getting out of control and people think she’s at fault which is bs.”

Around the same time, Fousey tweeted: “I’ve started 2020 with an abundant amount of L’s due to reckless, childish and immature behavior. I need to do better.”

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Whether RLaw and fleeksie do go ahead and make a video addressing the issue will become clear in time, but for now, it seems that the issue is resolved.

Based on his tweet, though, it seems Fousey is learning from his mistakes and is looking to right his wrongs in 2020.

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