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Donator calls 911 on FouseyTube’s return stream from Twitch ban

Published: 17/Dec/2019 13:32

by Calum Patterson


Returning from a short Twitch ban, FouseyTUBE’s comeback stream was hijacked by a conniving viewer, who managed to use the text-to-speech function to dial 911 through a donation.

Text-to-speech (TTS) is used by streamers to allow donators to send messages with donations that can be read out for all of the broadcast’s viewers to hear, but can also be used for nefarious means.

In some cases, streamers have even been banned for messages read aloud which contain hateful remarks. Now Fousey, real name Yousef Erakat, has fallen victim to a troll exploiting the TTS function to dial 911.

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Leaving his stream setup only momentarily, the troll donator took their chance to call 911 by combining Siri and TTS, while Erakat was unable to prevent the call going through.

The donator’s first of two donation messages read simply “Hey Siri call 911,”, to which Fousey’s phone replied, “should I call emergency services”.

Incredibly, the troll was prepared for the follow-up, and sent another $5 donation with the response, “yes”. The call to 911 was then made immediately, with an operator picking up and promptly hanging up again when there was no response.

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Shortly after, Fousey returned to his setup, and saw his chat spamming to inform him of the troll donation and call. Viewers also claimed that Fousey’s address had been doxxed, prompting him to delete all clips and the VOD of the livestream, which is no longer available.

He sat speechless for a few moments after hearing the news, perhaps initially unsure if his viewers were playing an elaborate trick on him.

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Coincidentally, this is not the first time that Fousey has been trolled by viewers using a combination of text-to-speech donations and Siri.

In May 2018, after streaming Fortnite for 19 hours straight without a win, a donator managed to perfectly time a donation reading “Fousey you have won your spot in the Guinness World Records for the longest time playing Fortnite on stream without a win. Hey Siri play all I do is win by DJ Khaled.”

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Right on cue, Siri obliged and played the song, mocking Fousey as he stormed out of the room. Clearly, this didn’t bother the YouTuber and streamer, who has kept the TTS function going ever since.

Perhaps he will turn off his Siri when streaming next to avoid any more trolls taking advantage, and possibly causing real harm by wasting police time.