Floyd Mayweather confirms boxing match with Deji

Floyd mayweather confirms Deji fightYouTube: TMZ Sports, Deji

Floyd Mayweather has just confirmed that he is fighting YouTube star Deji in an exhibition match in Dubai after rumors swirled that the two would face off this November.

Undefeated boxing champion Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is stepping into the ring against another influencer later this year following his exhibition match against YouTube star Logan Paul in 2021.

Ever since Deji’s exciting victory over fellow YouTuber FouseyTube at KSI’s ‘two fights, one night’ event on August 27, rumors have persisted that he would take on Mayweather next… and the legend has just confirmed these claims.

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Mayweather reveals he’s boxing YouTuber Deji in Dubai

Mayweather opened up about the subject during an interview with TMZ Sports on September 21, where he revealed that he is, indeed, facing off against Deji for an exhibition match in Dubai.

“I have an exhibition with a hell of a fighter from Japan, and then I got one with a guy — uh, Deji, I wanna make sure his name is right. Deji, right? We will be doing an exhibition in Dubai.”

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This latest statement follows reports from The Mirror that claimed Deji and Mayweather would touch gloves in Dubai this November.

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While further details about the match have yet to be revealed, Deji’s big bro, KSI, hinted that a contract still has yet to be signed between the two fighters, and no official announcements have been made at the time of writing.

This marks Mayweather’s second major influencer fight since his exhibition against Logan Paul last year, where the YouTuber surprisingly went the distance in a battle that shook up the internet (and resulted in an unexpected spat between Mayweather and Jake Paul, to boot).

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Deji himself has kept relatively quiet on the subject, merely saying that a “fight announcement” was coming “soon” via Twitter on September 13.

For now, it looks like a bout between these two personalities is all but confirmed — and in the meantime, fans can look forward to Jake Paul’s groundbreaking match against Anderson Silva in October.