Swarmz teases diss track calling out Deji after beating Ryan Taylor in ‘One Punch’

swarmz deji diss track

London-based rapper Swarmz has teased a diss track aimed at influencer turned boxer Deji after defeating Ryan Taylor with a single punch to his left eye.

Many people tuning in to the 2 Fights, 1 Night boxing event featuring KSI weren’t familiar with his “rapper friend” Swarmz. And after the two fought in KSI’s first main event fight of the night, viewers weren’t soon to forget how Swarmz ran scared for most of the bout.

He swatted at KSI, telegraphed sluggish overhand swings, ran around the mat, and twirled like a ballerina. So, when it was announced he would be on the Misfit card in January 2023, boxing fans didn’t expect much from the fight. And they weren’t prepared for the transformation Swarmz had made.

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A week before the fight, the rapper released a diss track titled Redemption, where he mocked his opponent, Ryan Taylor, and spoke on his four-month transformation. And his hard work paid off as Swarmz finished the fight in a single punch that tore Taylor’s retina.

Swarmz to drop ‘One Punch’ diss track on Deji

Following this fight, Swarmz has made it clear that he wants to take on KSI’s younger brother Deji. Swarmz currently has a record of 1-1, while Deji has a record of 1-4 coming off a loss against Floyd Mayweather.

Despite his negative record and taking four years to his first win, Deji has advised Swarmz to “stay in his lane with the scrubs.” Swarmz clapped back on Instagram by stating he’s only trained for four months and has the same amount of wins and a better record than Deji.

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As his fans continue to insist the two meet in the ring, Deji has stated that he will “body” Swarmz if the money is right. And Swarmz is building anticipation for the potential fight by teasing an upcoming diss track.

‘One punch’ starts with Ryan Taylor’s voice complaining about his eye during their fight. It then leads in to Swarmz saying Deji is next while making references to his fight with Taylor, including, “We never saw eye to eye, I guess he can’t anymore.”

The teaser cuts short at 27 seconds – albeit longer than Swarmz’s match against Taylor – giving a taste of what listeners have to look forward to. The release date for the track hasn’t been made public, but the date at the end of the trailer reads **/01/23.

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We will have to wait and see how the feud between the two pans out, and hopefully, we will see Deji and Swarmz enter the ring in 2023.