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IRL streamer mortified after elephant farts in her face while live

Published: 22/Nov/2020 23:50 Updated: 23/Nov/2020 2:28

by Brent Koepp


An IRL Twitch streamer’s majestic moment with elephants quickly turned sour when one of the animals passed gas in her face. The personality was left holding her nose after the unexpected moment.

In real life (IRL) broadcasts are wildly popular on Twitch as viewers never know what they are going to get when tuning in. Streamers that interact with the world live in front of an audience often are confronted with the unexpected as literally anything can happen.

That is what happened to one personality who was documenting her swim with elephants while visiting Phuket Island in Thailand. The online entertainer was left feeling unsettled after one of the animals abruptly farted inches away from her face.

IRL Twitch streamer holds nose next to elephant in Phuket Thailand.
Twitch: Justketh
An elephant left the Twitch streamer with a nasty surprise.

IRL elephant stream doesn’t go as planned

The streamer ‘justketh’ was broadcasting live in Phuket, and arranged to swim with elephants during her November 21 stream. However, things quickly took a turn when one of the animals’ trainers told her to swim up behind the creature.

Right as she was about to climb up on the back of it, the mammal suddenly let out a massive fart which sent the water rumbling. Unfortunately, the IRL entertainer’s face was literally inches away from the creature’s backside.

The Twitch personality immediately screamed and backed up, before laughing at the situation. However once the smell hit her, she pinched her nose shut and exclaimed “Ahhhh! No! That is bleh!”

This isn’t the first time justketh has had a hilarious run in with an animal while streaming. In November, the content creator was abruptly attacked by a goose which many called the real life version of the hit indie title “Untitled Goose Game” by developer House House.

While the elephant’s flatulence was certainly unpleasant, the Twitch personality was able to eventually continue her swim and take some pretty incredible photos with the majestic mammals.

IRL broadcasts are as real as it gets, as you literally never know how the world is going to act in front of your camera lens. And this is especially true for animals, it seems.


Forsen banned on Twitch for third time in 2020

Published: 26/Nov/2020 11:15

by Alice Hearing


Twitch streamer Forsen has been hit with a ban on the platform. The reasons why are unclear as it stands and nothing has been confirmed, but fans are speculating he’s another victim of DMCA regulations. 

Forsen is one of the website’s most popular streamers, with over 1.3 million followers. He has been broadcasting for almost a decade on the platform, too.

On November 26, it was confirmed that there would be another ban on his channel – and it’s not certain how long it will last for.

Speculation has already begun, with one Twitter user claiming Forsen has fallen victim to Twitch’s DMCA regulations, adding, “DMCA apparently, stream sniper played copyrighted music … The state of Twitch.”

In 2020, Several streamers have been banned for old VODs that feature any form of licensed music. The issue has affected big-name streamers including JakeNBake, LIRIK, and Pokimane to name a few. Despite Twitch apologizing and claiming to take action, the controversy still looms heavily on Twitch streamers.

This isn’t his first time facing a suspension from the platform. Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors was banned from Twitch for the second time on September 10, following his previous ban in May.

He wasn’t given a detailed explanation behind his account ban, but once unbanned, Forsen revealed more information. During his September 12 stream, Forsen explained he believes he was suspended for using a homophobic slur, but says it was ‘misheard’ because of his Swedish accent.

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