Disgraced streamer Fedmyster responds to Pokimane text leak & accusations

fedmyster and pokimaneInstagram: Fedmyster

Former-Offline TV streamer Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan has responded to a document that leaked online that accused Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys of taking their relationship out of context to hurt him, calling it a “gross invasion of privacy.”

In June, now-former OfflineTV personality Fedmyster was accused of harassment and misconduct from several members of the content group. The shocking news rocked their community as the 25-year-old was removed from both the company and their house.

After months of silence, a document leaked online on November 24 where Gaytan accused Pokimane of not telling the truth about their relationship. The file contained an essay written by him, as well as text conversations between him and the Twitch star. A day later, the streamer released a statement about the situation.

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pokimane talkingTwitch: Pokimane
In June, Pokimane explained Fed’s behavior was a big reason she moved out of the OfflineTV house.

Fedmyster speaks out about Pokimane document

On June 29, Pokimane addressed the Fedmyster allegations on stream, and explained that his behavior was a “big reason” she had moved out of the OfflineTV house. The star stated that 25-year-old had been sabotaging her relationship with other men, and had even kept her alienated from friends.

In late November, a document appeared online that showed Gaytan accusing Pokimane of not giving proper context to their relationship. “Watching Poki talk about all the things I’ve done with little to zero context to the nature of our relationship hurt me pretty bad,” the leaked letter read. It also accused the Twitch star of being untruthful. “I definitely did some questionable things and broke her trust, but there are some claims she makes about me, and herself that are either false, twisting the truth, or misconstrued.”

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A day later, on November 25, Fed responded to the leaked document with a statement, and slammed it for being something he never wanted shown publicly.

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“[Poki and I] came to agree that keeping things private and making no further statements publicly was what was best for us…We wanted to heal and prevent any further harm to the people involved,” he continued, before revealing how it got leaked in the first place. “One of the people I had turned to for advice and support when I needed it most violated my trust, sending the document to streamers.”

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He apologized for any hurt caused by the leak, and then confirmed that he and Pokimane had never been intimate or had any sort of relationship outside of being friends. “I just wanna apologize, as I do feel responsible for such extremely sensitive and private conversations to be aired out like dirty laundry.

“…I know a lot of details surrounding the nature of our friendship were shown, but I’d like to first prevent any further speculation by saying we were never intimate or in a relationship. Poki and I were very close and often flirty but that was the extent of it.”

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fedmyster's google doc on pokimaneFedmyster
Fedmyster released a statement on Google Docs about the situation.

He ended the statement by saying, “We both made mistakes and have owned up to them privately. I hope everyone reading will try to move on from all this as we certainly have already.”

While Pokimane has not fully responded to any of the claims, the Moroccan-Canadian personality told fans on her second Twitter account that she would be addressing the allegations during a Twitch stream on November 25.

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