FaZe x GHOST Energy FaZe Pop flavor review: A blast of flavor that rivals PRIME

FaZe x GHOST Energy reviewFaZe Clan

Famed gaming organization FaZe Clan has teamed up with the minds behind GHOST Energy to release their very own flavor of the self-described “no BS” energy drink.

FaZe Clan has secured a wealth of eye-popping collaborations over the last few months, most recently signing luxury car brand Porsche as their official partner for all of FaZe’s esports teams.

From sub sandwiches to Totinos pizza rolls and more, FaZe is all about bringing their gaming prowess to the mainstream — but their latest endeavor takes it all back home.

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On February 22, FaZe announced its collaboration with GHOST Energy to bring two new products to the market with a new flavor, ‘FaZe Pop.’

FaZe x GHOST faze pop canFaZe Clan

Dexerto was sent a few cans of their FaZe Pop GHOST Energy drinks, as well as a FaZe Pop version of their GHOST GAMER supplement, to try out… but does FaZe’s latest foray into the energy drink business live up to the competition?

A sweet burst of flavor for late-night gaming

At first glance, it’s undeniable that FaZe Pop reminds us of Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME Hydration ‘Ice Pop’ flavor, which was released back in Sumer 2022. After all, both products were inspired by the same muse; those iconic, tri-colored popsicles that you could buy at the swimming pool concession stand as a kid during Summer Break.

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However, while they might have the same inspiration, FaZe Pop is decidedly more of a candy-flavored affair as opposed to the general sweetness of PRIME Hydration’s Ice Pop flavor. It’s certainly enough to satisfy both your taste buds and your sweet tooth, without overloading your system with sugar.

Like PRIME Hydration, FaZe Pop has zero sugar. It also has no artificial colors and boasts 200 mg of natural caffeine for a significant boost of energy for those late-night gaming sessions.

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FaZe Pop ghost gamerFaZe Clan

That’s not the only FaZe Pop product from GHOST, though; the brand also has a FaZe Pop version of its GAMER supplement, which can be mixed into water to take on the go in a bottle or to enjoy at home.

Although the flavor is less intense than its canned counterpart, it’s perfectly palatable for those wanting to achieve their daily water intake — although it does have less caffeine, boasting 150 mg per serving.

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However, while checking out the GAMER Supplement, we did notice a bit of the powder settling to the bottom — so we recommend giving it a good shake before each sip.

How to buy FaZe Pop x GHOST Energy drink

Fans will be able to cop a can of FaZe Pop at GNC on March 2, as well as select 7-Eleven, Speedway, and Stripes stores nationwide beginning February 27.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear how much a can of FaZe Pop will cost, but most 12-pack cases of the energy drink brand retail around $29 – $35.

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All in all, both FaZe Pop x GHOST products deliver a delightful “pop” of flavor that satisfies your sweet tooth, giving you a boost of energy without the guilt of consuming any sugar… although you’ll certainly feel the buzz when you’re halfway through a can and grinding for Supersonic Legend in Rocket League at 2 in the morning.

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