DoorDash x FaZe Subs review: For the gamer who wants to eat as fresh as they look

Virginia Glaze
Dexerto FaZe Clan subs review

Faze Clan and DoorDash have joined forces to create their own line of sub sandwiches — and we have to admit, they’re pretty tasty fare for a late night of gaming.

On July 26, 2022, FaZe Clan unleashed its own line of submarine sandwiches, provided exclusively through the DoorDash app.

While it might seem like FaZe is following in the footsteps of influencer eats à la MrBeast Burger, these subs are a whole different ball of wax… in the best (and tastiest) way possible.

I took the plunge and gave these new FaZe subs an old-fashioned taste test, trying out four sandwiches: The Rugfather, the Hot Drop, the #EZAF, and the Cheeser.

The Rugfather: A perfect gaming meal

Named after FaZe’s most-subscribed content creator, the ‘Rugfather’ is a surprisingly delicious blend of sweet and spicy. It’s slathered in the enigmatic ‘FaZe Sauce’ (codeword for Chipotle sauce), stuffed with turkey and provolone, and stacked with sweet pickles, Funyuns, and guac on classic white bread.

The resulting combo is, in a single phrase: Pretty damn good. This is a solid sandwich that isn’t messy or difficult to eat — a perfect gaming meal if we’ve ever seen one.

The efaz sandwichA sandwich worthy of the name.

The Hot Drop: Instant fan-favorite

The Hot Drop gets a little more ambitious when it comes to ingredients. This sub includes Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, so be prepared for a little spice in your sinuses when you bite into this bad boy.

Alongside the grilled chicken ‘tendies’, provolone, and buffalo sauce on white bread, the spiciness of the Cheetos adds just the right amount of pizazz to a sub that I wasn’t sure I’d initially like. This one is sure to be a fan favorite.

the hot drop sandwichWhen the Cheetos in the crib, ma – drop it like it’s hot.

The #EZAF: A classic Cuban

In a word, the #EZAF is basically a Cuban sandwich. It’s got sweet pickles, ham, cheddar, and honey mustard on toasted bread — all staples on a Cuban… except for the Fritos thrown on top.

As a huge lover of Cuban sandwiches, this is the sub I gravitated toward right away. It’s pretty solid for a Subway-style affair and filled me up just enough to be satisfied, but not overly stuffed.

The Rugfather sandwichThe EZAF was my personal favorite.

The Cheeser: If it ain’t broke…

Alongside its other offerings, FaZe also has a basic cheese sandwich for the grilled cheese lovers among us. It’s a standard grilled cheese — nothing super special about it, but solid enough for your little brother to chow down on while he thinks he’s using the P2 controller on Mario Kart.

Final thoughts

To be honest, these subs are a hit. I found myself continuously comparing them to Subway, but couldn’t help giving them a far better review than the nationwide build-a-sub chain.

They’re pretty hefty in comparison, and a bit more satisfying, too. The creativity of the ingredient combos makes for some interesting eats that I actually enjoyed, and will definitely be ordering on my own in the future.

The bread is soft, but not super-pliant — so for the bread lovers out there, this one might not top your sub list. But for some gamer fuel, these subs definitely take the cake… er, sandwiches, rather.

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