FaZe Temperrr apologizes after ’emotional’ response to KO loss at KSI’s boxing event

Brad Norton
FaZe Temperrr boxing

After losing via KO at the hands of Slim Albaher, FaZe Temperrr was quick to upload a reaction video on YouTube the same night as KSI’s boxing event. However, just 24 hours later, he’s now issued a follow-up response to apologize for his ‘emotional’ recap of the fight.

Initially locked in to fight popular rapper Blueface, Temperrr ultimately stepped into the ring against YouTuber Slim Albaher on August 27 following a late-notice opponent swap. As the co-headlining bout of KSI’s event at the 02 Arena, plenty of eyes were on the FaZe Clan co-owner.

Things didn’t go his way in the end, however, as Slim Albaher rushed forward with a flurry of strikes to knock Temperrr off his feet. Noticeably stumbling as he got back up, Temperrr was deemed unfit to continue and the referee called it a KO loss.

Immediately following the result, Temperrr returned to his hotel and explained his performance in a 10-minute YouTube video. Throughout this footage, he claimed he fought with emotion due to an earlier fight on the card involving FaZe Sensei.

“I truly didn’t expect for Sensei to get robbed, it was like déjà vu,” he explained. Having appealed a questionable decision in his last bout, coincidentally to King Kenny, the same opponent Sensei lost to, Temperrr was overcome with emotion in the back of the 02 Arena as he warmed up.

“When I tell you, I was f***ing heated, genuinely so mad… That moment deterred me from my focus, deterred me from my game plan.”

24 hours removed from that admittedly ‘emotional’ upload, Temperrr recorded another brief clip to apologize. Not only to his fans, but to his opponent Slim Albaher too.

“More time has passed since the fight,” he said. “I’ve had a lot more to think and reflect on everything that’s happened. First off, I want to say I’m not proud of the last video I posted. I filmed that last video as soon as I got back to the hotel. My emotions were still all over the place. Now I see it wasn’t the smartest idea to make that video at that time.”

Admitting his earlier comments came in the heat of the moment, he assured there was no ill will towards his opponent. “I meant no disrespect. It’s clear [King Kenny] was the better man in the ring that night.”

Now using the loss as fuel to rebound in a big way, Temperrr pledged to get back in the ring before long. “I don’t want to be the type of person to make excuses,” he stressed. “I work too damn hard to be that person. This is just motivation for me to work even harder.”

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