FaZe Temperrr appeals result after “rigged” boxing loss to King Kenny at UK vs USA event

FaZe Temperrr in Nuketwon FaZe shirtFaZe Temperrr

FaZe Clan’s Temperrr has revealed that he’s started the appeals process following his loss to King Kenny at Showstar’s UK vs USA event.

Over the last few years, boxing has become the outlet of choice for many influencers and content creators who want to settle a score with their rivals, with many looking to follow in the footsteps of Jake Paul, Logan Paul, and KSI.

There have been some pretty big influencer boxing events in that time, including the recent UK vs USA event hosted by Showstar, which saw the likes of Stromedy, Deji, Vitaly, and FaZe Temperrr step into the ring. Though, the event wasn’t without controversy.

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In the case of FaZe Temperrr, many viewers had him comfortably beating King Kenny, but his UK counterpart was given the victory after the bout went to the judge’s scorecards.

Instagram: showstarboxing
The UK vs USA event was held on March 6, but it wasn’t without controversy.

While many suggested that the fight had been “rigged,” Temperrr himself fumed about the decision, calling it “f**king bullsh*t.” 

Well, now that the dust has settled a little bit, the FaZe Clan founder has taken a pretty big step in getting the fight result changed. “Officially started the appeal process today,” he said on March 7, telling fans he’ll keep them updated as it goes.

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While many fans supported his decision to appeal the result, some doubted that anything would be done and suggested that the social media star would still have an L on his record once a decision has been reached.

Some fans pointed to the fact that, while it is only an influencer boxing event, there is some precedent in results being overturned.

AnEsonGib managed to get his controversial draw with Tayler Holder overturned by the officiators of the event back in June 2021, and that didn’t take much time at all. Though, it remains to be seen if Temperrr will get the same outcome.

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