KSI slams complaints over new opponent after Dillon Danis exit

KSI TwitchYouTube: JJ Olatunji

YouTube star KSI is hitting back at complaints from fans and fellow creators about his new opponent, FaZe Temperrr, after Dillon Danis pulled out of their match at the last minute.

KSI was initially slated to face off against mixed martial artist Dillon Danis on January 14 — but just a week out from fight night, Danis pulled out of the bout unexpectedly.

For now, it’s still unclear why Danis suddenly exited their match, but it’s not the first time this has happened to KSI since his return to the boxing ring last year.

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In August 2022, the British YouTube star was scheduled to face off with American influencer Alex Wassabi, but a sparring injury prevented him from making good on their contract. As a result, KSI was forced to find a replacement — but he went above and beyond, taking on two different fighters in the same night.

While it doesn’t look like his January 14 bout will be as bombastic of a feat, he did manage to find another opponent in quick time, settling on FaZe Temperrr as his replacement.

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Despite Temperrr’s experience in the boxing ring (having fought in three matches with a 2-1 record), some fans and even fellow influencers aren’t too happy with the situation.

Most notably, YouTuber Slim Alhaber called out KSI on Twitter, saying he “deserved” the fight over Temperrr as he’d actually beaten Temperrr on the undercard of KSI’s ‘Two Fights, One Night’ event in 2022.

Fans all across social media have also been vocal in expressing their displeasure in this decision — but KSI is adamant that Temperrr will make a better pick than Danis.

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“Let’s not get it twisted. Temperrr is better than Dillon Danis. He’s a better opponent. So it’s not like I’m coming here saying, ‘Oh, I’m fighting someone worse.’ I’m fighting someone who is better in the ring and will be a big threat to me.”

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KSI’s words have a ring of truth to them; Temperrr does have the height advantage over KSI, as well as a longer reach, meaning that this could be a challenging matchup for the YouTuber.

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KSI blasts “scum” Dillon Danis for pulling out of boxing match

That’s not all — KSI also blasted Dillon Danis for pulling out of their match at the last second, calling the fighter the “scum of the earth.”

“With Danis, there was literally no excuse. His excuse was, ‘Nah.’ Got all the press, got all the clout, everything. Said he was gonna destroy me, beat me up. Dashed coffee in my face. Pissed me off to the highest degree and just peaced out and said nah, I actually don’t want to fight you. I’m scared.”

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“He’s the scum of the earth, man. He should never enter any comeback sports ever again.”

For now, it’s looking like KSI and Temperrr are busy gearing up for their upcoming bout, which comes just after Jake Paul announced his unexpected foray into MMA.