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FaZe Rug gives away thousands of dollars in YouTube Baseball challenge

Published: 26/Jan/2020 13:56

by Daniel Cleary


Popular content creator Brian ‘FaZe Rug’ Awadis gave away thousands of dollars to his friends after hosting a baseball-themed challenge series for them to compete in.

The FaZe Clan star is best known for his entertaining pranks and Vlog series and has built a massive following of over 14 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.


Similarly to Mr Beast, Rug was among the first few creators who also uploaded some unusual challenge videos that have gone viral and has returned with yet another one for his fans.

The popular YouTuber decided to return with a Baseball themed challenge this time around, including rewards and cash prizes depending on how many home runs they could score.


“Today I’m doing if you hit the home run I’ll buy you anything challenge.” Rug revealed, before breaking down the rules and what was up for grabs for the contestants.

Each of those competing in the challenge received ten tries to hit as many home runs as they possibly could, although Rug seemed confident in his prediction that they would not score highly.

However, the YouTube star was proven wrong after his friend Romel managed to rack up an incredible score of 6 home runs in total.


Not everyone had the same luck as Romel unfortunately, as Rug’s brother and fellow YouTuber Brawadis didn’t manage to get a single home run during the challenge.

Romel ended up walking away from the challenge after earning $7,000 as well as a brand new MacBook, a Gucci bag and a pair of Travis Scott x Jordan 1’s.

Rug is not the only content creator who is known for giving away insane prizes and rewards to his friends, as stars such as David Dobrik and Mr Beast have also shown their generous side during their videos.


Charli D’Amelio accused of baiting fans into using TikTok rival Triller

Published: 17/Oct/2020 16:39

by Charlotte Colombo


Disappointed fans have called out Charli D’Amelio for ‘baiting’ them into downloading TikTok rival app Triller, after she appeared to have promised fans that she has uploaded a full video of her doing the WAP on the platform.

With 65 million monthly users, Triller has become one of TikTok’s fiercest competitors. One of the biggest pulling points of TikTok is undeniably the number of influencers sharing content on the app such as Addison Rae, Chase Hudson and, of course, Charli D’Amelio.


So, with this in mind, it isn’t surprising that Triller are trying to follow in TikTok’s footsteps by trying to encourage some of the app’s biggest content creators to jump ship and join Triller – but it seems that the fans of these influencers won’t be swayed that easily.

charli tiktok
TikTok: Charli D'Amelio
Charli was directing TikTok fans to Triller so they could see a full video of her doing the WAP dance.

When uploading a TikTok of her seemingly doing a preview of the WAP dance, D’Amelio encouraged fans to download Triller to see a full version of the dance.


However, many fans who downloaded the app found themselves to be disappointed, with the resultant video being D’Amelio doing the worm rather than the WAP dance. This led to fans accusing D’Amelio’s TikTok of being misleading.

@charlidamelioteehee go see my triller @ charlidamelio♬ WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B

One Triller user said: “Charli, why did you lie? You said in one the videos and TikToks that you’d be doing the WAP”, while several other users on the app were asking where the WAP video was.

Over on TikTok, several users commented on the original users that the video was a ‘cap’ (lie), and warned fans not to download the app. One TikTok user said that Charli had “bamboozled us”, while another said to fans: “Don’t waste your time I just watched she didn’t do it”.


Are the D’Amelio’s moving to Triller?

Many fans were confused about D’Amelio’s seemingly random move to Triller. One TikTok user said: “TikTok literally made you and now you’re transitioning to Triller?”, while another user asked: “How much is Triller paying you use the app?”

According to New York Times journalist Taylor Lorenz, fans’ fears of D’Amelio being paid by Triller may not be unfounded. She alleges that D’Amelio was given $2 million and a black Rolls Royce to make that video, while her father, Marc D’Amelio, was allegedly given a seat on Triller’s board.

Meanwhile, fans are also getting suspicious about Charli’s sister’s Dixie’s relationship with Triller, as she recently uploaded a similar ‘flip day’ video for TikTok directing people to content on her Triller account.


These suspicions about the D’Amelio family’s work with Triller comes after it was announced they were joining the platform in September.

At the time, it was confirmed that the family hadn’t joined the app in an exclusive deal, meaning that they were still able to create content on other platforms like TikTok and YouTube.


Could this all be about to change?