FaZe Rug gives away thousands of dollars in YouTube Baseball challenge

Daniel Cleary

Popular content creator Brian ‘FaZe Rug’ Awadis gave away thousands of dollars to his friends after hosting a baseball-themed challenge series for them to compete in.

The FaZe Clan star is best known for his entertaining pranks and Vlog series and has built a massive following of over 14 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Similarly to Mr Beast, Rug was among the first few creators who also uploaded some unusual challenge videos that have gone viral and has returned with yet another one for his fans.

The popular YouTuber decided to return with a Baseball themed challenge this time around, including rewards and cash prizes depending on how many home runs they could score.

“Today I’m doing if you hit the home run I’ll buy you anything challenge.” Rug revealed, before breaking down the rules and what was up for grabs for the contestants.

Each of those competing in the challenge received ten tries to hit as many home runs as they possibly could, although Rug seemed confident in his prediction that they would not score highly.

However, the YouTube star was proven wrong after his friend Romel managed to rack up an incredible score of 6 home runs in total.

Not everyone had the same luck as Romel unfortunately, as Rug’s brother and fellow YouTuber Brawadis didn’t manage to get a single home run during the challenge.

Romel ended up walking away from the challenge after earning $7,000 as well as a brand new MacBook, a Gucci bag and a pair of Travis Scott x Jordan 1’s.

Rug is not the only content creator who is known for giving away insane prizes and rewards to his friends, as stars such as David Dobrik and Mr Beast have also shown their generous side during their videos.

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