NELK Boys’ Kyle assaulted for fake sneezing prank in Walmart

Daniel Cleary

Popular YouTube prankster Kyle Forgeard from the ‘NELK Boys’ was assaulted after attempting to pull off a fake sneezing prank while in a Walmart store.

Prank videos are among some of the most-watched on YouTube and popular content creators NELK Boys are up there with the best to ever do it.

The young Canadians stars have built a massive following on social media from some of their risky pranks and Vlog series, with over 3.8 million fans subscribed to their YouTube channel.

NELK Boys’ latest “fake sneezing” prank had an unexpected result.

Their pranks have not always resulted in success, however, as the popular group’s reputation often leads to them having problems with law enforcement even when traveling abroad.

While filming for the latest upload on January 22, NELK revealed that their ‘fake sneezing’ on people in Walmart prank did not go according to plan.

The popular YouTubers shared that the customer who had been a victim of the prank was looking to get a viral video of his own by filming himself assaulting NELK star Kyle after it took place.

“We did a fake sneezing prank in the hood video yesterday and this dude punched Kyle in the face and posted it on Facebook.” NELK expressed, seemingly joking about the encounter.

However, unlike the popular YouTubers, the customer who uploaded the video did not seem to take too kindly to the prank, expressing that he was not in the mood for joking around.

“They were pulling a fake prank on me, fake sneezing on me and putting me on video, you’re going to go viral now, come here,” he revealed while following Kyle around Walmart after assaulting him.

Many fans pointed out the sneezing prank could not have been done at a worse time, due to people’s concerns rising over the Coronavirus that is beginning to spread around the world and claimed that it could have been part of why the customer responded in such a hostile manner.

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