FaZe Rain reveals messages he sent to Grace Van Dien before drama as he’s “over” it

Connor Bennett
FaZe Rain in black t shirt and hat talking to camera

FaZe Rain has revealed some of the messages he sent to Grace Van Dien shortly after she joined FaZe Clan as he’s come under fire for a few of his comments. 

Over the last few months, original members of FaZe Clan – who go all the way back to the Call of Duty trickshotting days – have hit out at the new leaders of the gaming organization. A few of the OGs have become discontent with how FaZe has been run and with some of the content creators they’ve added. 

Actress Grace Van Dien, who goes by bluefille on Twitch, joined FaZe at the end of May, but FaZe Rain had already spoiled the announcement. That triggered a whole heap of drama from members and fans alike, but Grace and Rain have been at the center of it. 

They’ve traded messages back and forth and even tried to record a video together. Though, in that, Grace threatened to leave FaZe if the full video was made public and left in tears before it was over. 

FaZe Rain reveals multiple Discord messages with Grace Van Dien

Rain has come under fire from multiple corners as a result, but has now revealed a few of the messages he sent to Grace upon her joining FaZe that show he was supportive of her and was just “trolling” – even if he disagreed with the move from the new FaZe leaders.

“I really don’t want to speak on this drama anymore. I’m so over it and it’s irrelevant to my entire point with FaZe, but everyone on Twitter has everything wrong and it’s crazy to see,” he said.

In the 12-minute-long YouTube video, Rain discussed how the pair had shared Discord messages during their clashes, with him saying he would have “roasted” FaZe regardless of who they signed – it wasn’t just about Grace. 

That also included them agreeing to apologize to each other when meeting up for a video. “She never apologized, I apologized many times,” Rain said as he went over the exchange. 

“It’s cool bro, I know I didn’t do anything, I know I’m innocent,” Rain added, claiming some of his comments had been misconstrued.

“I get it. I acknowledge feelings, that’s why I said I’m sorry, I couldn’t imagine how you feel on your special day getting hate. I was being empathetic and understanding, but at the same time being logical. I understand how you feel, but it still doesn’t make sense.”

As it stands, Grace hasn’t officially left FaZe but has removed mention of the gaming org from some of her social media profiles.

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