FaZe Rain exposes Discord messages with Grace Van Dien prior to viral confrontation

faze-rain-exposes-discord-messages-grace-van-dienYouTube: FaZe Rain, Grace Van Dien

FaZe Rain is exposing the Discord messages he exchanged with Stranger Things actress Grace Van Dien prior to their viral confrontation.

The feud between FaZe Rain and Grace Van Dien has taken yet another turn as FaZe Rain has publicly shared his Discord messages with the new FaZe recruit.

For those unaware, Van Dien — best known for playing Chrissy Cunningham in Stranger Things Season 4 — is the latest creator to get signed to FaZe Clan. However, her addition to the org sparked a wave of dissent from FaZe Rain, one of the group’s founding members.

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Rain made his feelings on the issue abundantly clear, lashing out at Van Dien for “making Stranger Things her entire personality” and calling her “excruciatingly mid, who I would never let touch me on my drunkest night.”

Grace hit back at Rain by mentioning his past history of drug abuse, sparking criticism against the actress from all sides. The two finally met up to squash their beef in a YouTube video a few days later — but things took a turn for the worse, as Grace ended up leaving the conversation in tears and even threatened to leave FaZe.

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FaZe Rain exposes his Discord messages with Grace Van Dien

Now, Rain is sharing the messages they exchanged on Discord prior to meeting up for their video, posting two screenshots of their conversation to his Instagram stories on June 1.

In one of the screenshots, Rain offers an apology to Grace and clarifies that his issue was with FaZe’s corporate issues, not with her.

“I really didn’t mean those things and I was just trolling,” Rain wrote. “I don’t know you like that or have anything against you and I’m sure you’re an amazing person and [I] actually feel so bad that you’ve felt hurt.”

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“I’m an idiot, I should have known that people were gonna spam post that clip. Genuinely sorry your feelings are hurt, I’m not sorry for the whole corporate stuff though lmfao, but dude you just got caught up in some unnecessary bullshit and it’s not fair to you.”

faze-rain-leaks-discord-messages-grace-van-dienInstagram: FaZeRain
FaZe Rain shared his Discord messages with Grace Van Dien in two separate Instagram stories on June 1.

Rain then shared some messages from Grace responding to him, where she wished the FaZe OG a happy birthday and agreed to meet up.

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“Happy Birthday, Rain!” she replied. “I’m sorry for my out-of-line comment and appreciate you for reaching out to me outside of Twitter hell. Let me know when or where tomorrow — I can come to you!”

faze-rain-shares-messages-with-grace-van-dien-discordInstagram: fazerain
Rain claimed that Grace was the one who wanted to film their discussion in a video.

Rain offered some commentary on the two posts, saying he thought he and Grace had already squashed their beef before she showed up to film the video. “I thought we were just gonna be positive and squash it and send love her way. Like, this sh*t is not making any sense.”

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That’s not all; Rain also claimed that it was Grace’s idea to film a video in-person, arguing that he wanted to have a conversation over Discord. “I wanted to do it on Discord,” he wrote. “You wanted to come over! Don’t think imma fold for sh*t I see or the narrative they’re trying to build. Not gonna work.”

This isn’t the first time he’s shared his Discord messages with Grace, though. In his viral May 31 video, Rain prefaced their conversation with a few messages they exchanged, showing some good-natured banter between the two influencers before things turned sour.

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faze-rain-messages-grace-van-dien-discordYouTube: FaZe Rain
FaZe Rain actually shared a snippet of his conversations with Grace in his May 31 video.

For now, Grace’s status with FaZe Clan remains unclear, as she has since removed the org’s name out of her Twitter bio. For more information on this viral online feud, check out our explainer article right here on Dexerto.