Grace Van Dien hits back at FaZe Rain criticism of her joining FaZe Clan

Grace Van Dien in blue FaZe hoodie talking to cameraTwitch: Grace Van Dien

Actress Grace Van Dien has hit back at FaZe Rain’s criticism of her joining the iconic gaming organization after he claimed it was done all because she appeared on Stranger Things. 

Over the last few years, plenty of celebrities have linked up with gaming and esports organizations to either become an investor or fully-fledged members of content. 

FaZe Clan have been fully onboard with that too, adding up the likes of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, rap icon Snoop Dogg, and a few others to their ranks. Though, as the organization has gone through a fair bit of turmoil recently, they’ve been called out by those ‘OG’ members who claimed it’s lost their way. 

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FaZe Rain, whose been with the org since the early days, has been one of those criticizing the new owners and leaders. He even spoiled the announcement of Grace Van Dien joining the group, calling it a “political” move and that it only happened because she appeared in Stranger Things. 

Grace Van Dien responds to criticism around her joining FaZe Clan

Well, the actress – who can regularly be found on Twitch popping heads in games of Valorant on her bluefille channel – hit back at that claim during her May 25 stream. 

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“I’m sorry sir, were you in the meeting with us? Were you there? No, I’ve never f*cking met you and that is not why FaZe signed me,” Grace started. “That is definitely how I got the meeting, yes, I will give that credit. That is how I got the meeting.

“But, that is absolutely not why I’ve signed. The things that we spoke about in the meeting are why I have. So, get f*cking wrecked to everyone saying that, to Rain saying that. Like, you weren’t there, you have no idea.” 

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Despite some criticism of the move, there has been plenty of excitement around Grace joining and becoming FaZe Bluefille. 

It remains to be seen just how much she gets involved with other FaZe members, but she’s at least going to rep them in Valorant.