Asmongold slams “d*ckhead” FaZe Rain over Grace Van Dien drama

Asmongold side-by-side with Grace Van Dien on camera on streamTwitch: Asmongold/Grace Van Dien

Asmongold took a few swipes at FaZe Clan and FaZe Rain over the Grace Van Dien saga, claiming the organization is just using her to “clean up” and be “damage control” for all their “f*ck ups”.

For a couple of weeks, long-standing FaZe Clan members have been frustrated with how the organization has been run, with a number of them publicly calling out the new owners and leaders. 

Despite that, the esports and gaming org has continued to add new members. That includes actress Grace Van Dien, who goes by bluefille on Twitch and Valorant, which has prompted more complaints from the ‘OG’ FaZe members. 

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FaZe Rain has been the main one, firstly spoiling her announcement days before it happened, and then getting into a war of words with the Stranger Things actress. The pair looked to squash the beef as they met up for a video, however, that just led to Grace threatening to leave FaZe as she got rather emotional.

Asmongold slams FaZe for using Grace Van Dein to clean up their “f*ck ups”

Asmongold, who runs the OTK org, watched the confirmation during his May 31 stream, and he didn’t hold back when it came to ripping FaZe and FaZe Rain. 

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“They hired her and gave her a bunch of f*cking money to act like a broom to clean up all these crackheads and their f*ck ups. FaZe Clan has had fuck ups for 10 years, and they hire her to play damage control for a bunch of f*cking crackheads,” he said on his ZackRawrr channel, making reference to Rain’s public troubles with drugs. 

“She made a mistake, she should have never f*cking been in there. She should have seen that, she should have gotten the f*ck out, and that’s a fact.” 

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Asmon did add that he believes Grace should ultimately leave the gaming org, claiming it’s “full of a bunch of d*ckheads” and dispelling claims that she was “acting” with her emotional outburst. 

“This guy is a f*cking d*ckhead man,” he added, referring directly to rain.

It is a situation that is going to run on a little while longer and it remains to be seen how things will ultimately shake out.

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