FaZe Rain reveals why Grace Van Dien is still in FaZe Clan

Alice Sjöberg
FaZe Rain opens up about Grace Van Dien

FaZe Rain has opened up about his feud with Grace Van Dien and revealed why she’s still part of the FaZe Clan, despite controversial comments from fans.

FaZe Clan is one of the longest-running and best-known esports, gaming, and lifestyle brands today, started as most esports organizations did with humble beginnings. As they continue to grow, they continue to sign new gamers to the team.

However, FaZe Clan received mixed responses earlier this year when they announced that Stranger Things actress and gamer Grace Van Dien had joined the clan, with many claiming FaZe was ignoring other female creators by instead signing a celebrity with less gaming experience.

The drama didn’t stop there, as Grace and FaZe Rain ended up having a very public argument, which started with Rain claiming Grace only got signed because she was on Stranger Things, which Grace quickly fired back at.

As the fight has continued online, Grace hasn’t spoken out about her feud with Rain or her status with the group since uploading a podcast episode in June. Because of the fight and controversy, many are wondering if Grace remains in the FaZe Clan.

FaZe Rain reveals why Grace is still in the FaZe Clan despite backlash

Talking to Bradley Martyn on the Raw Talk podcast, Rain opened up about how he’d suggested continuing to have Grace on the team. The reaction from others on the call, which included the four founders, looked at him with skeptical faces.

“No, why? Why would you want to be in a place where nobody wants her? Why?” Rain revealed was the general reaction.

He went on to say that the founders didn’t really care, but that they’d lose several sponsors, including McDonalds and Porche, if they didn’t keep Grace on.

“It’s some sort of connection there [between Grace and the companies], that they need her to come out. Because it’s not like she provides crazy numbers, it’s nothing like that,” Rain said.

“Somebody in the call was even just like ‘Bro I can’t believe how much of an industry plant this person is, like, I genuinely can’t believe it.’

“Because it was shocking, you know what I mean? Like, why are you pushing so hard for this person when this is clear and not fit for fate? It’s clearly not a fit.”

“So they went with her just because it made sense to satisfy like sponsors?” Bradley asked.

“Well, it’s not even to satisfy sponsors, because you can grab a billion other people that satisfy sponsors. It’s literally, say if you had a kid and you wanted in Nelk boys so you talking about the boys like ‘It can happen, Kyle, just put him in Nelk. Just put him in or else I’m cutting all your f**king deals.’ It’s that!” Rain replied.

Despite this, Grace has not been active with FaZe since the drama, and no longer names the organization in her social media profiles.

Also during the episode, Rain revealed how he’d been in contact with Kick as he wants them to buy the FaZe Clan.

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