Has Grace Van Dien left FaZe Clan after viral beef with Rain?

Grace Van Dien on Twitch stream with FaZe Clan logo in top left cornerFaZe Clan/Twitch: bluefille

The controversy surrounding FaZe Clan co-owner Nordan ‘Rain’ Shat and newest signing Grace ‘bluefille’ Van Dien came to a head when he posted a video in which the two came to blows, with Grace threatening to leave if he posted it. But has she actually left FaZe Clan?

Even before Stranger Things star Grace was announced as the newest FaZe Clan member, Rain leaked her signing, and it immediately set fans of him and the older FaZe guard on high alert.

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There was some back and forth between the two, leading to a huge drama that was purveyed by creators all across the internet, as both Rain and Grace made comments regarding one another that viewers found distasteful or downright disgusting.

Finally, he posted a video of a confrontation between the two, in which she left his apartment in tears and threatened to leave FaZe if the video was uploaded. Since then, though, there has been no comment either way.

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Did Grace Van Dien really leave FaZe?

The big question many fans have asked is whether the threat was legitimate, and at the time of writing, there is not a clear answer — though there are some implications that have been made.

After the video was posted by FaZe Rain, Grace ended up putting her Twitter on private once again and removing any reference to FaZe Clan from her bio.

However, her tweets about joining FaZe Clan and responses to FaZe members, as well as videos about FaZe, still exist and are live on her channels, so she hasn’t publicly cut ties with the organization yet.

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That said, there has been no official statement from either FaZe Clan or Grace herself, so things may well still be up in the air at the time of writing.