FaZe Kay pulls brutal prank on Jarvis with fake Fortnite unbanning

Daniel Cleary
FaZe Kay / Epic Games

Popular content creator FaZe Kay pranked his brother Jarvis by faking an email stating that he been unbanned from Fortnite, following his recent aimbot controversy.

FaZe Clan YouTuber Jarvis revealed that he had been banned from Fortnite after uploading a series of videos while using an aimbot in-game on November 3.

Although the aimbot was used outside of competitive matches on one of his alternate accounts, Epic Games confirmed that the ban would be permanent, sparking much debate among fans over the severity of the punishment.

FaZe Kay, YouTubeFaZe Kay led his brother to believe he had been unbanned on Fortnite.

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Some of the game’s most popular stars such as Ninja even claimed that Jarvis’ ban was a too harsh for his first offense and expressed that there should be some option for the young creator to redeem himself.

Just over a month after his suspension, his older brother and fellow FaZe Clan star Kay decided to play a prank on the former Fortnite pro, brutally misleading Jarvis by claiming that his account had been unbanned.

Many fans have suggested that the prank itself was quite likely to be a planned skit from the popular FaZe Clan members, pointing out some moments in the video where the pair would apparently overreact for the camera.

The popular YouTuber started by sending a false email to his little brother, claiming it was from the Epic Games support team and stating that Jarvis’ ban from Fortnite had been lifted.

Topic starts at 6:46 for mobile users.

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However, after Jarvis quickly realized that the statement had come from an unofficial email, Kay later decided to play a recording of one of his brother’s gameplays on his monitor, claiming that he gained access to the suspended account.

“That’s my name! Bro are you actually playing, how is this real?” Jarvis asked, shocked after seeing his older brother ‘playing’ on his banned Fortnite account.

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After falling for the prank, the young FaZe Clan member raced out to tell their roommate and fellow content creator Teeqo that he had been unbanned, before returning to realize he been fooled by his brother, who’s controller was not even on, and that it was all just a prank.

Unfortunately for Jarvis, his permanent ban from Fortnite was not lifted by Epic Games despite him getting his hopes up and it appears unlikely that he will ever be able to enjoy the game on his main account again after the controversial punishment.


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