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KSI adds his name to list of 500k people campaigning to save Deji’s dog

Published: 18/Dec/2019 13:42

by Jacob Hale


While working to fix their well-publicized feud, YouTuber Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji has added his name to the long list of people trying to save brother Deji’s dog, Tank.

Deji is a successful YouTuber in his own right, currently having an audience of nearly 10 million subscribers, but has had to make appeals to save the life of Tank, who has been ordered to be euthanized after an incident in July 2018.

Judge David Farrell stated that Tank bit an elderly neighbor, causing “very nasty injuries” before biting another, who did not have any injuries from the situation.

YouTube: DejiDeji has cared for Tank from a puppy, but has not had him home for over a year at the time of writing.

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After the decision that Tank will have to be put down, many people are evidently shocked and upset by the decision, with some believing that the neighbor antagonized Tank, while others simply state that he should not have to pay with his life for this incident.


On December 18, KSI tweeted about the situation in support of his brother and Tank, suggesting that their past feud may finally have come to a head.

It was a simple tweet, only saying “#SaveTank,” but within hours he had received thousands of likes and retweets — garnering a lot of support for the German Shepherd.

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After the incident in Summer 2018, a Change.org petition was set up by Deji’s girlfriend to help support him and the case. To-date, the petition is now closing in on 500,000 names campaigning to save Tank.

The petition was originally created shortly following the incident, but since the announcement that Tank would be put down, it has seen a resurgence in support and signatures, with over 443,000 at the time of writing.


The page explains an alternate version of events, which states that the neighbor originally lashed out at Tank and was aggressive with him, causing the dog to become stressed and attack the woman to protect himself.

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Deji has 28 days to appeal the case, meaning there is still a chance that Tank could be saved and brought back to his owners.

We expect Deji will appeal the decision, but whether it amounts to anything remains to be seen.