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Ninja explains why he believes FaZe Jarvis shouldn’t be permabanned

Published: 5/Nov/2019 4:35 Updated: 5/Nov/2019 9:44

by Isaac McIntyre


Fortnite, and suggested Epic Games should treat the situation differently because of “favoritism.”

The young FaZe Clan member was slapped with a permanent ban from the battle royale on November 3, following the star releasing a series of videos in which he showed off the use of an aimbot on his alt account.

Many in the Fortnite community have already weighed in on whether or not Jarvis should accept his punishment, with many calling for the young star to be unbanned or have his sentence reduced considering it was his first-time offense.

One major advocate for the banned FaZe player is Ninja, who leaped to Jarvis’ defense when asked what he thought about the situation during his November 4 broadcast.

YouTube: FaZe JarvisJarvis broke down in his video revealing he had been permanently banned.

Ninja said he believes Epic’s punishment was heavyhanded, and that Jarvis should only be barred from playing the game for six months or a year. He also suggested the FaZe member should be treated “a little differently” to normal hacking cases considering Fortnite is his career.

“He’s still super young, so I think he’s just a stupid kid making a stupid decision, and didn’t really think about it,” Ninja explained. “It wasn’t a tournament, wasn’t a Cash Cup, it should be maybe a six-month ban from competitive. Permanent though?”

The Mixer megastar said that he “liked the banhammer,” and agreed that Jarvis deserves to be punished for showing off aimbots to hundreds of thousands of potential viewers, but said because the banned player was a content creator, he shouldn’t be permanently barred.

“Without your content creators, there’s a negative impact on your game,” he said.

“I think (what he did) was incredibly stupid, but a permanent ban is just silly. What else is he going to play? He has to transition over from one of the most popular games, and one that’s made him skill-wise, and career-wise, and now he has to play another game.”

Twitter: NinjaNinja leaped to Jarvis’ defence following the FaZe star’s permaban.

Ninja also doubled-down on the idea that Fortnite’s content stars should have lesser bans to “kids that hack just to hack,” and reiterated that it had been Jarvis’ very first offense when he uploaded the videos of the aimbot-games.

“There’s a difference between a content creator who has millions of subscribers, who then gets banned from what makes him money, and some kid who is just a piece of shit who has zero followings, zero money from gaming,” Ninja continued. 

“You ban that kid, nothing happens. You ban Jarvis, the stakes are different, it should be handled differently… let’s stop acting like there’s no favoritism in the world, there is.”

For mobile users, the video segment begins at 0:28.

Ninja compared his options to another high-profile banning case, which saw Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp permanently banned from League of Legends for repeated toxic offenses. Riot Games employees were ordered to “ban on sight,” leaving T1 hiding his accounts.

“He could do what Tyler1 did, and only do stuff offline, and then upload videos,” the Mixer star suggested. “Listen, I don’t think anyone here should feel bad for him, I’m not trying to emphasize. I’m trying to be realistic. There should be favoritism for content creators.”

Twitch: Tyler1Tyler1 turned to cooking streams and highlight reels when he was permabanned by Riot Games.

The Mixer star then pivoted to comparing Jarvis’ ban to another controversy that had arisen on YouTube in recent times, when entertainment star Logan Paul escaped scot-free despite filming dead bodies in the Japanese suicide forest during one of his blogs.

“There are people that have done worse things and haven’t been banned,” Ninja said.

“Logan Paul literally filmed someone hanging in a forest and his channel didn’t get banned and he’s been perfectly fine. In that aspect, he was a YouTuber, a big one, and he didn’t get banned. YouTube decided that he was big enough to not get banned.”

YouTube: Logan PaulLogan Paul escaped his 2018 controversy without a ban on Youtube.

Whether or not Epic will listen to Ninja remains to be seen, but he does hold a lot of pull in the Fortnite community considering how many followers he has on Mixer, and how much of a mainstream name he has become in the past few years.

So far, Epic has yet to comment on the ban, both regarding its permanent nature, and whether there’s a chance to appeal, but considering the community outcry following the banhammer crashing down, we can probably expect one soon.


How to watch Fortnite’s Galactus event: Start time, leaks, location, more

Published: 25/Nov/2020 10:40 Updated: 26/Nov/2020 2:34

by Brad Norton


Fortnite’s hotly-anticipated Galactus event, coming soon as the Season 4 finale, is the talk of the town; from when the Marvel character will make his mark, to how you can watch it in-game, here’s everything you need to know.

A bright object in the sky has begun hurtling towards the Fortnite map, and thanks to datamining and logic, it seems only reasonable to suggest that Galactus is on his way to cause destruction.

Similar to the devastation caused by the Season 1 meteor, you would have to think that his intentions are not good. It seems we’re gearing up for a massive battle featuring every Marvel character currently in the game.

The original Fortnite meteor was first spotted a month and a half before it landed – destroying Dusty Depot – and the same type of impact appears to be on the horizon.

Fortnite Galactus event start date and time

Such is the hype surrounding the appearance of Galactus that he’s taken an incredibly long time to appear. However, his arrival is finally set in stone.

The Nexus War finale event is a one-time spectacle set to kick off on Tuesday, December 1 at 4 PM ET | 1 PM PT | 9 PM GMT.

Some leaks of the upcoming event have made their way to the internet which depicts Thor, She-Hulk, Wolverine, and Iron Man offering themselves as soldiers to fight Galactus.

Fortnite Galactus event
Epic Games
Fighting Galactus to end the Nexus War will be a one-time event. No replays for this historic battle.

Galactus Fortnite event leaks

The event itself could see the superheroes taking on Galactus in the form of a raid. Or you could possibly have Galactus taking on the whole lobby, or a Thanos-inspired mode akin to Chapter 1.

Galactus is officially listed as being 28ft tall and that in itself could offer some interesting gameplay options. Given that this will close out a season-long Nexus War, there’s a good chance you’ll have a ton of manual input here. So expect to help the heroes in their fight.

First look at Galactus

With the use of one of the game’s sniper rifles, it’s possible for players to look through the scope, at the object in the sky, and spy him. He’s obviously been getting closer and closer over the season, but thanks to new leaks, we’ve got a better look at the figure than ever before.

It turns out there’s actually a standard sized Galactus skin in the game’s files. Perhaps we’ll be able to run around as the Devourer of Worlds after the event. Only time will tell.

Here are some datamined images of Galactus’ model, too.

The main rumor concerning Phase 4 of the MCU is that Galactus will indeed be the archetypal villain of the main films. The Devourer of Worlds quite literally does what he says on the tin, and his power is unmatched.

The Fortnite tie-in will be a great way to introduce casual fans to the presence of one of the universe’s most powerful, cosmic entities.

We’ve also got a look at where Galactus is. It seems he’s positioned right about the ruins POI in-game from this screenshot from Fortnite leaker, Fevers.

Rising Out of the Water

ShiinaBR also tweeted on November 22, 2020 that Galactus has slowly begun to rise out of the water. We’ll make sure to update this article when we have a better look at this.

Lazing Device

On November 4, Fortnite data miner Mang0e tweeted about a mysterious new weapon in the works. Hardly anything is known about what this ‘Lazing Device’ is. However, Mang0e believes it could perhaps be a prototype for the upcoming Cosmos rifle.

Its base stats are that of the Bolt Sniper Rifle, which is the same as the Cosmos ones, too. Mang0e goes on to say in their Twitter thread that this is all speculation, however, but rebuffs his claims by saying that they were right about the Slurp Bazooka in the past.

For more, detailed information regarding the Lazing Device, check out our dedicated article.