Dr Disrespect spotted in full costume at baseball game & fans can’t believe it

Ethan Dean
Dr Disrespect on stream

The doctor is in… Petco Park that is. “The most ruthless, athletic competitor in video game history” was caught on camera at a recent ball game.

Apparently, when Dr Disrespect’s not rejecting 100K offers for knives in CS:GO or challenging controversial comedians to Muay Thai fights, he’s watching baseball.

Photos of the former Twitch-turned-YouTube streamer (sorry to fans of the Doc) at the Padres V Pirates game have been posted on social media. The Doc decided to spectate in his full streaming get-up.

His fame has spread far enough that the Petco Park operations team even put the man on the Jumbotron.


The image shows Dr Disrespect in full costume, including his famous mullet, “prototype Google sunglasses,” and tactical vest.

In an apparent show of disrespect to the doctor of it, the Jumbotron identified him as a YouTube streamer. Fans in the comments quickly made their dissent known, sardonically, of course.

“The two-time back-to-back 1993 1994 blockbuster video game champion wouldn’t fit so they just used YouTube streamer,” one replied, referencing a common joke made by the Doc.

“YouTube streamer, what a massive understatement,” said another. Others called him a “loving god” and claimed the team at Petco Park “didn’t know who they were talking about.” Dr Disrespect is even being credited with inspiring the Padres to win the match by some fans.

Dr Disrespect apparently didn’t mind that the Jumbotron’s titling was on the humble side. He retweeted the pictures himself, albeit with no comment.

Petco Park themselves posted an image of the Doc in the crowd. The mystery shrouding his famous Twitch ban apparently wasn’t a deterrent.

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