Dr Disrespect shuts down $100k CSGO knife offer despite it being worth way less

Connor Bennett
Dr Disrespect side-by-side with purple knife in CSGO

Dr Disrespect claims he’s been offered, and rejected, $100k for the first CS:GO knife he’s unboxed, even despite that figure being ten times the value of the knife. 

Every few months, a raft of content creators return to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and rip through a whole load of cases in search of some extremely available skins.

That’s been especially true ahead of the release of CS2, as skin prices have been shooting up due to the graphical upgrades that the new game has. In the case of Dr Disrespect, he finally unboxed his first knife on July 21 in the form of the M9 Bayonet Doppler (Sapphire). 

The purple-colored knife is one of the more expensive ones in the game currently, valued at around $14,000 on some trading websites. However, The Two-Time believes he can get a whole lot more than that, and he may have already been offered six figures for it. 

Dr Disrespect shuts down $100k offers for CS:GO knife

That’s right, only a few days after his jubilation celebration of unboxing the expensive, the Doc has claimed to have been offered way over market value for it already. 

“I’ve already been offered $100,000. You can do better,” he tweeted on July 23, much to the bemusement of some CS:GO players and longtime fans of the streamer. 

“Maybe a scammer offered you $100k, it’s worth around $14k,” replied one. “Don’t lie, it’s worth $14k,” added another. “Dude pulls his first knife and suddenly thinks he’s a trader, it’s not even worth that much,” another said

As plenty noted, though, if the Doc is willing to sell it, he’ll want a vastly higher price because it’s the first one he found in a case. Plus, it’ll always be known as the knife that he pulled, which brings additional interest. 

It remains to be seen if the streamer will actually sell it though, because, at the end of the day, you always want to keep your first knife in the inventory.