Family’s IRL stream interrupted by shameless thief

Brent Koepp

During an IRL stream, a family taking a walk around a city in Brazil had their broadcast cut short after a thief shamelessly took advantage of the situation and ruined their get-together.

IRL streams are wildly popular on Twitch due to the unpredictable nature that the real world brings to broadcasts as anything can happen at any given moment.

One family found this out the hard way during their September 12 stream when their lighthearted documentation of their time in the city together was rudely interrupted by an unexpected thief.

When IRL streams go wrong

The family were on a walk together as they explored the city and decided to document the outing by streaming the whole thing, with each of them talking to the camera at various points as they happily enjoyed the moment, before taking a quick pause to pose together.

As they were taking the group shot, out of nowhere a thief on a motorbike snatched the phone from out of one of the family members’ hands, without realizing that the device was still streaming as he took off with the stolen item.

The stream jarringly bounced around as the thief maneuvered the bike’s handlebars while holding the phone, before the video eventually cut short after the device was switched off.

Unfortunately, the thief’s face was never shown as it cut out before he looked at the screen, leaving the family no closer to getting their property back.

Not the first time IRL streams have caught thieves

This isn’t the first time an IRL streamer has been struck by a thief. During a broadcast on June 24, Twitch personality Brien ‘DailyDasher’ Bry was left shocked after somebody attempted to steal his property.

Fortunately for him, the stranger failed at their attempt to steal his phone after two bystanders warned the streamer seconds before by yelling at him, which caused him to turn around.

IRL broadcasts show just how unpredictable life can be, as streamers merge the real world with the digital age, and it can really bring out the worst in human behavior.

If anything can be taken from this, it’s that nobody is safe in the eyes of a thief so vigilance is key – waving your tech items around in public could have dire consequences.

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