Shroud hits back at viewer’s claim that he’s “not entertaining”

Matt Porter

WoW Classic, the Canadian has been grinding for hours at a time as he levels up his character and completes quests.

Not everyone is happy with his decision to drop titles like Apex Legends and PUBG from his daily schedule though, and when one Twitch user popped up in chat to say that they weren’t enjoying his broadcast, the former CS:GO pro gave a hilarious response which quickly shut down the unhappy viewer, and took a sly dig at some of the platform’s other creators.

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Shroud’s streams are relaxed, unlike other streamers such as Dr Disrespect.

“Dude, this streamer is not entertaining,” the 25-year-old read from his Twitch chat, before hitting back at the comment from an unhappy audience member.

With so many broadcasters on Twitch, it’s unlikely that every streamer will be to your liking, but for shroud, making a comment about how boring his stream was rather than just leaving and watching someone they prefer clearly annoyed him enough to garner a response.

Of course, the streamer has a loyal legion of fans, and sat fourth overall in terms of hours watched on the site in August, with viewers spending over five million hours watching his streams throughout the month

He has admittedly seen a downturn in subscribers though since his move to World of Warcraft, estimating that he’s lost around 3,000 in that time. Whether they want to keep watching his content doesn’t matter to him though, as he says he doesn’t care about the money, and just wants to play the games he enjoys on his channel.

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