Fake Dream face reveal goes viral after Minecraft star denies racial slur accusations

Dream in MinecraftYouTube: skeppy

 A ‘face reveal’ for Minecraft YouTuber Dream has gone viral amid ongoing drama surrounding the YouTube star and while some have been tricked by it, it’s actually fake. 

For many years, some YouTubers and Twitch streamers have decided to hide part of their identity, and let their gaming skills or impressive videos do the talking. Minecraft sensation Dream, who has racked up almost 20 million subscribers on YouTube and has a rabid fanbase across social media, is one such content creator, keeping parts of his identity hidden and being represented by a small stick figure-like character.

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On March 25, Dream hit back at viral claims that he’d used a racial slur on an old stream, claiming that the people in the video are just random guys and that people are attaching his name to it to smear his name.

As that drama was trending on Twitter, he joined the Scuffed Podcast to talk about things, and as some faces popped up in his spot, fans immediately got ‘DREAM FACE REVEAL’ trending on Twitter, even though it’s fake.

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Dream wears a maskInstagram: @dreamwastaken
Dream is a hugely popular Minecraft YouTuber who has gone viral on social media multiple times thanks to his huge fanbase.

Just like other podcasts, the Scuffed Podcast has name tags for each guest that joins in so that viewers can know who is who if they’ve never heard of them previously.

Dream, as ever, was displaying a random image instead of his face, but at one point, Minecraft YouTuber ‘Punz’ appeared in his spot, and some fans decided to run with the ‘face reveal’ posts on Twitter.

The term ‘DREAM FACE REVEAL’ quickly trended as some more gullible fans believed it was true, even though some did their best to try and say that it was all a ruse.

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Some fans decided to have a little fun with things, though, posting different images of a ‘face reveal’ for Dream, rather than just showing the image of Punz.

Of course, Dream hasn’t revealed his face, and despite repeated calls from fans to do so, he probably won’t be doing so anytime soon.

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