Dream responds to accusations he used racial slur in old YouTube stream

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YouTube sensation ‘Dream’ has been criticized for allegedly using a racial slur in a 2017 Minecraft stream. However, the star has denied the claims, saying they are “very clearly” false. 

An old YouTube stream from ‘untrusted’, allegedly featuring Dream, dating back to 2017 resurfaced on March 25. In the video, which has since been set to private, they allegedly use a racial slur — “pop pop n*****” — while playing a Minecraft Counter-Strike mod. 

The other players in the call repeatedly make reference to a player named ‘Dream’ across the 31-minute stream.

However, Dream, the now-hit YouTuber with nearly 20 million subscribers, has shut down the claims. The online star said the voice in the clip was “very clearly” not his. 

“Just so people are aware, people are sharing a video of some random guy saying the n-word and saying it’s me, as well as a random account with a gross name history and saying it’s mine,” he said in a March 25 tweet. 

“Neither are me very clearly. People are disgusting.”

Dream denies changing Minecraft name to offensive message

The name change accusation comes from a now-viral tweet regarding a Minecraft account allegedly belonging to Dream. 

An indexed history of the account, which reveals previous names, shows it changing from “JewzDid911”, to “NotDream”, and later to “LoliAbductor” across a span from 2015 to 2017.

“It’s ridiculous. Showing random Minecraft accounts that have no connection to me and saying they’re mine — literally a smear campaign,” the YouTube star added.

Dexerto has been unable to verify whether this account actually belongs to Dream.

The YouTuber added that he hasn’t had any of the IDs associated with the account referenced above, although he said he didn’t get the ‘Dream’ account until 2019. 

Dream allegedly types racial slur on “DreamOnPvP” account

Another set of screenshots of Dream allegedly using a racial slur, dating back to 2015, have also surfaced.

The screenshots were sent by an anonymous user to ‘Gamingguru456’ on Twitter. They claim the screenshots are from Dream’s old account, “DreamOnPvP.” The videos have since been deleted.

The anonymous user also claims Dream ran a fake giveaway on his old channel.

Smear campaign claims spawn from rogue Discord message

The smear campaign claims made by Dream have been backed up by a Discord message from a random person named ‘RETIREMENT OF SAVAGE MAN’.

“Time to plan our next move…I’m thinking next month we go for #dreamisoverparty and fabricate videos of him saying the n-word. The look on his face will be awesome,” they said.

The message reportedly dates back to January 2021. Dexerto has been unable to verify the authenticity of the message, however fans of Dream claim this confirms the video was faked

We will keep this article updated as more information arises.

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