Faith Ordway breaks down in tears over “disgusting” Bryce Hall kissing controversy

Calum Patterson
faith ordway and bryce hallTikTok: Faith Ordway / Bryce hAll

TikTok star Faith Ordway and Bryce Hall continue to dispute the events of the now-infamous hot tub Twitch stream, with Ordway now announcing a break from the internet as she deals with the controversy.

On December 30, Bryce joined Twitch streamer Tommy Unold for a hot tub stream, and they invited Faith to join too. However, before the stream even began, Faith left, with Bryce claiming she was upset over a “salty remark” he made.

Faith later claimed that he had been pressuring her to kiss him on stream, and called her a “p**sy” when she said she didn’t want to. She was also angered when Bryce used an image of her kissing him on the cheek for his YouTube thumbnail.

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Bryce hit back, writing on Twitter: “Welcome to clout season; it’s when the lying women like Faith Ordway try to create a false narrative to boost their ‘career’.”

Fath and Bryce Hall in hot tub streamYouTube: Bryce Hall
The hot tub stream was over before it started, as Faith left early.

Faith Ordway responds to Bryce Hall

After Bryce even suggested in a TikTok video that Ordway’s claims could amount to “defamation of character,” and hinted at legal action, she responded in a series of videos, also posted on TikTok.

In the first video, she calls the actions of both Tommy and Bryce “disgusting,” reiterating that just because she and Bryce had a history, it did not mean she consented to anything being on camera. “Consent once does not mean consent anytime,” she captioned the video.

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In her final video, Faith is in tears, and says she will be taking a break from the internet.

“You’re all bad people, and you’re going to get bad karma, and I’m not a bad person, I know what happened. So I know I’m going to be f**king fine, so f**k off.”

Faith deleted her first video on the topic after it showed Bryce’s address, which he called out on Twitter.

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“This girl just posted another TikTok trying to justify her lies AND leaking my new private address… She needs to check her mailbox this week daily,” he concluded, referring to the threat of legal action he had previously hinted at.

Fans are divided on the situation, with many leaving comments on Faith’s latest video, criticizing her for crying, responding “it’s not that deep.”

In response, Faith commented: “For those saying it’s not that deep, my consent is being laughed at and thrown back at me when I had a literal witness watch the whole thing.”

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Tommy, who Faith called out for now speaking out on what happened, has not spoken out publicly on the drama.

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