Malu Trevejo under fire after fans accuse her of lip syncing racial slur

Lawrence Scotti

TikToker and singer Malu Trevejo drew criticism from fans after they claimed she mouthed a racial slur in a recent video.

Malu Trevejo posted a TikTok on December 30 which drew in some extra attention from her followers and fans on the app.

The video is of her lip-syncing Nicki Minaj’s “Boss Ass B***h”, one of the more popular songs Nicki fans have mouthed along to on the video-sharing platform.

The controversy was sparked from the video as viewers claim she mouthed along to a racial slur from the song’s lyrics.


Many of the over 2,000 comments attempted to call out the singer for the incident. “She’s bold for posting this,” one viewer wrote.

Another said, “Again?! Like, seriously?!” That comment was in reference to the previous backlash she faced from using the same slur, which she responded to in February 2021.

Malu seemed to play into the controversy she created, as she responded to a comment which read, “Uhm? Never let a clown who?” to which she replied: “Ninja.”

malu trevejo
Trevejo’s comment section of the video.

A viewer called her out for her recognizing what she had said, saying: “Y’all don’t understand that she’s doing it on purpose for viewers now.”

Trevejo has also been mired in controversy stemming from her relationship with Travis Scott’s record label. She recently threatened to “expose” Cactus Jack after she was accused by fans of lying about her contract with the company, a charge she denies.

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