Bryce Hall hits back at accusations of pressuring Faith Ordway to kiss

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Fath and Bryce Hall in hot tub stream

TikTok star Bryce Hall is coming under fire after influencer Faith Ordway claimed he pressured her for a kiss as a way to end a Twitch hot tub stream “with a bang.”

Bryce Hall is the self-described “party animal” of the internet. The 22-year-old influencer is known for getting rowdy, and his online content often reflects this boisterous persona.

However, his appearance on a recent Twitch hot tub stream took a sour turn after TikToker Faith Ordway ended up walking out before the broadcast even began.

When asked about the issue, Hall appeared to be confused, saying that Ordway “got mad” over a “salty remark” that he couldn’t share before she ended up quitting the stream.

faith and bryce hall hot tub
TikToker Faith Ordway (left) appeared in Bryce Hall’s YouTube video, where the two planned to orchestrate a hot tub stream on TommyUntold’s Twitch channel.

“Faith got mad and walked out,” Hall claimed. “That’s it. Don’t know exactly why she got mad. She got mad and walked out. I don’t know what to say.”

Ordway, however, has a different story. The TikToker uploaded a video explaining her side of the situation, saying that Hall had purportedly pressured her to kiss him as a way to end the broadcast.

Faith Ordway claims Bryce Hall tried to pressure her for Twitch hot tub kiss

“Bryce decided to call me a ‘p**sy’ because I wouldn’t kiss him,” Ordway said. “I said, ‘Hold on, that’s up to me, what I wanna do.’ He followed up by saying, ‘Every girl that does it gets clout.'”

When she refused, she claimed that Hall insulted her success as an influencer, which ultimately prompted her to walk off the set.

“He said, ‘Every girl that’s done it now has a successful career,’ because of him,” she continued. “I said, ‘I’m successful on my own. I don’t need that.’ He said, ‘No, I meant like, actually successful.’ That’s whenever I decided to leave.”

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Ordway went on to claim that she’d reached out to his videographer to remove her from the thumbnail of his latest YouTube video, where she can be seen kissing him on the cheek (which Ordway said was done ‘to come to a common understanding and so that I could be done with it’).

However, she says Hall adamantly denied this request.

Bryce Hall responds to Faith Ordway accusations

Hall has since responded to the situation in a string of tweets, accusing Ordway of “lying” for clout.

“Welcome to clout season; it’s when the lying women like Faith Ordway try to create a false narrative to boost their ‘career’ and portrays themselves as an angel when we both know what happens off the internet,” he wrote.

Stay tuned to Dexerto for more on this developing story.

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