Kick streamer under fire for daring woman to jump in lake & running away

Virginia Glaze

Kick streamer Natalie Reynolds is coming under fire after asking a woman to jump in a lake and then fleeing when the woman screamed for help, saying she couldn’t swim.

The incident occurred during a May 29 broadcast, during which Reynolds and a group of friends were participating in a scavenger hunt orchestrated by fellow streamer Ice Poseidon.

The premise of the scavenger hunt required the broadcasters to scan various RFID tags in the area in order to win a prize, which Reynolds said she would give away to her viewers.

As the streamers came upon a lake, a woman nearby offered to “jump in” with Natalie, who joked that she would prefer “skinny dipping” with her, instead.

At first, the woman seemed game to take a dip in the lake with Reynolds. “Yeah, let’s do it,” the woman said. “Are you really gonna do it? I’ll do it.”

Natalie Reynolds is a prominent streamer on Kick who boasts over 27,000 followers on the platform.

“Ice Poseidon told me you [need to] swim in the water,” Natalie explained. “You should jump in the water right now. Just start swimming, and you’ll find it. Would you do that? You should jump in the water to find it for me.”

“Why don’t you jump in with me?” the woman countered. Reynolds then offered her $20 to find the tag for her, claiming she would jump in “after” her… but the woman was adamant that she specifically wanted to skinny dip with Reynolds, who she called “gorgeous.”

Reynolds explained she was uncomfortable with the proposition and said she was just 17 years old, causing the woman to back down and say she was “too young” for her. However, Natalie continued to ask the woman if she’d jump in the lake to find the tag — something she eventually agreed on doing.

“What if I drown?” the woman asked. “I haven’t been in the water in… I do kinda want to jump in. I’ll jump in with my sandals on.”

The woman dove into the lake headfirst, appearing to shock Reynolds, who got into an argument with the woman as to whether or not she “told” her to jump in.

Reynolds was then told to leave the area after an employee at a nearby boat rental company informed her that swimming in the lake was “illegal.”

“What the f*ck is going on?” she exclaimed, seeming stunned by the situation. “I thought she was working here or something. …I can’t believe she did that. Is she mentally okay? …I thought she was just trying to have fun. I thought she was drunk or something.”

Things took a turn when the woman began screaming for help, saying she was “stuck” while floating in the water. “I can’t swim! I can only float!” the woman called out.

“She could literally die,” one of Reynold’s friends claimed, causing the streamer to lose her cool and flee the scene. 

As the group drove away in a vehicle, they were shocked to see a fire truck drive past them, convinced that emergency services had been called to help the woman.

The broadcast has sparked a wave of backlash against Reynolds on social media, with one user calling the situation “disgusting.”

“Please say it’s scripted,” another wrote.

“Streaming culture is horrible,” another said.

However, Reynolds is hitting back at the criticism, explaining her side of the story in a post on X.

“The lady wanted to swim, they told me to leave and stop filming that’s why we left, and she got the help she needed and is fine,” she wrote. “Stop dragging sh*t.”


This is far from the first time Reynolds has come under fire for her streams. In 2023, she faced the ire of the internet after broadcasting herself spearing a wild boar — something that fellow Kick streamer TFue also did in May 2024.

In April 2024, Reynolds caught even more flak after catching a shark during a live stream and sitting on it, sparking claims of animal abuse against the streamer. She was not banned after the incident, and her channel remains live at the time of writing.

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