ExtraEmily takes Twitch subathons in new direction by spending 24 hours taped to a wall

extraemily subathon being taped to a wallTwitch: ExtraEmily

OTK’s rising Twitch star ExtraEmily has taken subathons in a new direction by deciding to spend 24 hours taped to a wall.

Subathons on Twitch have proven to be a wildly successful method in gaining viewership, followers, and, obviously, subscribers on the platform. Many superstar streamers like Ludwig have used this format to attain record-breaking subscriber counts. Streamer of the Year Kai Cenat even breaking said records with his latest subathon too.

Subathons generally involve a streamer being live for an extended period of time, with a countdown timer that increases whenever a viewer subscribes. Thus, these subathons can last a long time, with Ludwig’s initial concept going for an entire month before his stream ended.

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However, since the original marathon run by Ludwig, the formula hasn’t been changed all too much. That’s where new challenger ExtraEmily comes in. The OTK streamer has seen a massive soar in popularity of late and now, they just began a subathon of their own, though with a unique twist. ExtraEmily’s subathon sees her being taped to a wall for up to 24 hours, depending on if the streamer can handle it.

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ExtraEmily’s subathon sees streamer taped against a wall for up to 24 hours

As the streamer has a new take on the subathon, she’s also offered extra incentives to her viewers to subscribe. These include having water balloons and eggs thrown directly at her for those willing to gift and donate throughout the event.

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Many are uncertain if ExtraEmily will be able to complete the subathon, as the health consequences of taping yourself to a wall aren’t exactly positive. Redditors have wondered how Emily will eat, use the bathroom, or even be able to circulate blood during the marathon broadcast.

Emily is still in the midst of the subathon as of the time of writing, with just above an hour left on her timer. However, that number is likely to increase the lower it gets as fans donate or subscribe to her channel.

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