Ethan Klein leaks DMs from xQc after debate goes south

Josh Taylor
Ethan Klein vs xQcxQc / H3H3 Productions

Popular streamer xQc and Ethan Klein of H3H3 productions cut their livestream debate short and instead took to Twitter as the two engaged in a heated argument surrounding their opposing opinions on reaction content.

xQc has been under a lot of scrutiny after he was accused of stealing content for his own reaction videos. 

The controversy started after he uploaded a video to his YouTube reacting to another creator’s content titled ‘The Kennedy Assassination | xQc Reacts to LeMMiNO’. This led to an influx of backlash from various creators such as SomeOrdinaryGamers on Twitter and the debate snowballed from there.

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With reaction videos from top content creators often seen to generate more views than the original creator themselves, the main backlash is the claim that the reactors add no value to the original video despite still reaping the large financial benefits through ad revenue.

After catching the attention of Ethan Klein, he invited xQc onto his live YouTube show on August 7 to discuss the controversies and to apologize to smaller creators.

The stream started calmly, with xQc agreeing to apologize. “I absolutely will! I didn’t get a Twitter DM. I didn’t get nothing. I feel really bad”, he said

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The H3 podcast host however was not convinced, as it quickly became a heated back-and-forth exchange. 

The arguments got more personal with Ethan highlighting xQc’s wealth stating: “You’re a multi-millionaire, and you steal content from small creators.”

With xQc equally firing back with personal exchanges of his own such as suggesting he could literally do a worm dance and still generate more views than he has got in ‘four years”.

Ethan ends the debate with xQc abruptly to leak DMs on Twitter

With the debate going nowhere and tensions rising, the H3H3 founder decided to end the Zoom call before heading to Twitter to leak messages between himself and xQc.

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Notably, Felix sent a photo of his rare watch worth over $450,000 dollars to take another personal shot at Ethan’s wealth.

As the hours passed the two continued to go back and forth as Ethan kept posting screenshots of their DMs for all of Twitter to see.

The controversy looks to continue to divide the community amongst fans and fellow content creators with Canadian streamer and H3 host still failing to reach a peaceful conclusion.

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xQc has previously criticized Klein for laughing during QTCinderella’s tearful stream and Ethan has spoken out against “moron” xQc for criticizing FaZe signing Grace Van Dien

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