xQc responds to YouTube lawyer who called him out for “stealing” content

Josh Taylor
xQc / Legal Eagle

Popular streamer xQc has given his thoughts on a civil lawyer, and YouTuber, Legal Eagle who has called him out for using other people’s content for his own financial gain.

xQc faced a lot of backlash after being accused by many, including fellow content creators, of “stealing” content for reaction videos.

Ethan Klein hosted a debate with the streamer on his H3 podcast to discuss the issue, which soon went south leading to it abruptly ending and even Twitter DMs being leaked.

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Even though it appeared to have died down, a YouTube lawyer has since called out the streaming star, as he soon ironically reacted to it himself.

YouTube Lawyer slams xQc for “stealing” content 

A civil lawyer and legal educator that goes by the name of Legal Eagle online, posted a lengthy YouTube video breaking down his views on the matter.

The video was shared to his over 3 million subscribers, and was titled: ‘xQc Is Stealing Content (and So Are Most Reaction Streamers).’

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“xQc is no stranger to controversy, and if anything, he revels in it,” Legal Eagle said, as he went on to highlight his past dramas. 

He then shared his views on his reaction content: “xQc’s video is not so much a reaction video, as it is mostly just him watching an entire 90-minute JFK documentary in silence,” he said.

Ironically, the former Overwatch pro then reacted to Legal Eagle’s video during his livestream.

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“In civil law suits, if somebody doesn’t pursue you, right, well they just don’t, nobody will enforce something that they don’t even care enough to pursue you for

“It’s not a crime, like you don’t get prosecuted by the f*cking police or the f*cking governments,” xQc said.

“So making conclusions off what these people want is a little shortsighted, but that’s just my thoughts,” he finished by saying.

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Aside from his views on reaction content, the streamer has also explained why he would never join Only Fans.

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