xQc & Hasan called out for “stealing content” with react videos

Michael Gwilliam
xqc and hasan backlash to react content

Twitch superstars xQc and Hasan are under fire for “stealing” YouTube content by posting their reactions to videos.

Reaction videos have become extremely popular, with big creators watching others’ content while sharing their own opinions – oftentimes getting more views than the original videos they react to.

While this trend can bring a lot attention to smaller channels, it can also potentially have the opposite effect, where creators lose out on potential views.

Things reached a boiling point when xQc and Hasan both reacted to a video by YouTuber ‘LEMMiNO,’ prompting many to call out streamers for offering little output.

Twitch streamers clammed for constant reaction videos

In a series of tweets going viral across X, users took aim at xQc and Hasan – even going as far as calling for YouTube to ban them.

“Hasan and others will watch a creators hour long documentary with little commentary and take a ten-minute bathroom break as the video continues to play,” ‘LegacyKillaHD’ slammed. “I swear, we’re close to another giant copyright case happening in the not so distant future because of sh*t like this.”

He further said it was “depressing” to see a highly edited video being dwarfed in views by streamers uploading their reactions with stolen thumbnails.

“This is outright theft,” another user blasted.

“Gotta start banning them. I’m so serious,” demanded another, who urged YouTube to crack down on reaction videoss.

“Youtube should bring a new law that reaction videos/streams revenue goes directly to the content creator they are watching,” suggested someone else.

For his part, xQc has addressed backlash to his reaction content before. In 2022, he hit out at criticism for his react videos, claiming that others don’t get attacked for doing the same thing.

So far, YouTube hasn’t responded to calls to take action against react content, but it will be interesting to see how things play out in the future if enough creators speak out about the situation.

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