xQc slams Ethan Klein for laughing during QTCinderella’s response to deepfake drama

xqc calls ethan klein an opossum for qtcinderella reactionTwitch: xQc / YouTube: H3 Podcast

Twitch star xQc had some harsh words for Ethan Klein after the H3H3 member laughed while watching QTCinderella tearfully condemning a website selling deepfakes of female streamers.

Several women on Twitch are speaking out after discovering a website that sold access to inappropriate deepfakes of various female streamers.

The site came to light on January 30, after Twitch streamer Atrioc was seen visiting it during one of his broadcasts in a tab on his browser. Since then, some of the women affected by the site have spoken out against the deepfakes — and one is even threatening legal action.

QTCinderella, a prominent Twitch streamer and founder of such events as the Streamer Awards, went live in a tearful broadcast that same day, promising to sue the founder of the deepfake website.

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“It should not be part of my job to have to pay money to get this stuff taken down,” she said. “And to the person who made that website? I’m going to f*cking sue you. I promise you. With every part of my soul, I’m going to sue you.”

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While many of QT’s fans and other streamers were sympathetic to her feelings, another influencer is coming under fire for his response to her message.

Ethan Klein of H3H3 reacted to QTCinderella’s statement during an episode of the H3 Podcast, during which one of his team members, Zach Lewis, started playing a slowed-down version of ‘The Christmas Song’ by Nat King Cole.

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Klein immediately started giggling, drawing what many viewers believed to be critical reactions from his other crew members. A few even hid their faces from the camera during the ordeal, with one saying, “Zach, what the f*ck, bro?”

The clip soon went viral on social media, drawing even more criticism over Klein’s reaction to the situation and the inclusion of the song over QT’s tearful message.

xQc hits out at Ethan Klein over reaction to QTCinderella deepfake response

Even Twitch star xQc, one of the most-followed broadcasters on the platform, had something to say about it.

“Yo, what’s going on with this guy, man?” he said after watching the clip for himself. “Bro, you know what this guy looks like? He looks like the f*cking opossum that’s under my f*cking house.”

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“This motherf*cking opossum, this piece of sh*t. I swear, I’ll catch him going up to the side of my house and he’ll run under my house and he’ll scratch under my desk. I’m not kidding. He looks like my opossum.”

xQc went on to compare him to a “human who has just been pulled out of the Matrix,” a statement said by TrainWreck during the stream.

Ethan Klein apologizes for laughing during QTCinderella deepfake message

Ethan Klein apologized for the incident a few moments later. “You know what, guys? It’s not funny, and I’m very sorry about that. Zach’s a f*ckin’ psychopath and played the chestnut song.”

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“I support her,” he also said. “And I know it sucks, but the legal aspect, as horrible as it is, is how stuff changes.”

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For now, it’s unclear what will happen in the future regarding the deepfake site, but QT is adamant that legal action will be taken on behalf of herself and the other women affected by it.