xQc responds to backlash over his reaction videos: “I know what people want”

Meera Jacka
xQc responds to backlash over his reaction videos

Twitch superstar xQc found himself on the receiving end of backlash after he was accused of “stealing” content for reaction videos. Now he has responded, stating he is simply giving viewers what they want.

With the popularity of reaction videos, it’s no surprise that big streamers such as ‘xQc’ have taken to sharing their own. However, big names often end up getting more views than the original content, resulting in a new wave of backlash against the trend.

Recently, xQc was accused of “stealing” other YouTuber’s content for his own channel, taking away views from smaller creators.

Now he has hit back at those attempting to “cancel” him, stating he is only providing his viewers with what they want.


FilmsBub’ on Twitter shared a screenshot of a recent reaction stream by xQc, accompanying it with a tweet that said, “Lemmino spends months researching, scripting, and editing a video just for react streamers to reupload the entire thing and provide zero input.”

However, after seeing the tweet and the support it received, xQc jumped in to defend himself and his content.

“I paused like crazy, I added a lot of commentary… the chat was getting mad at me,” xQc said, claiming he even received a DM telling him to “shut the f*** up.”

Calling a majority of streams “s***” content that viewers put on in the background while doing other things — such as playing games — xQc claimed that “A lot of it is going to be second screen content.”

“Yes a lot of [reaction streams] is just watching it because that’s what chat wants,” xQc stated. “If I commentate too much, chat gets f***ing bored… chat gets mad.”

And it seemed fans of the Twitch streamer were in support of his stance, with comments agreeing with the sentiment. One said, “Honestly [though] he’s not wrong, I watch on my second monitor while playing whatever I am and like watching him on the side.”

“There are some topics I’ll talk more about… but overall, I know what people want,” xQc concluded, adding he would happily give back “every penny” to the original creators of any “full react” streams.

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