Addison Rae’s Spotify sabotaged with fake song about farting

YouTube: Addison Rae / Spotiy

TikTok star Addison Rae has officially kickstarted her music career with the release of her debut track ‘Obsessed’ — but one technological mishap has added another song to her discography.

On March 24, some eagle-eyed fans noticed a new song on Rae’s Spotify and Apple Music profiles alongside her already-released ‘Obsessed’ single.

The mysterious track was simply titled ‘on my,’ and featured abstract artwork as the song cover — but its lyrics are truly something to behold.

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Rather than being a self-love anthem like ‘Obsessed,’ this particular track is all about flatulence, among other… unsavory topics. Just take a look at some of the lyrics:

“Damn, she was ridin’ and started farting / I was like, what the ****, is you farting? / She said naw **** why you lying? / Then I seen drops coming out her *** / “

Addison Rae spotify mixupSpotify, Addison Rae
It seems that Spotify confused two artists by the name of Addison Rae – leading to a hilarious mixup.

Clearly, this song isn’t from Rae, and is instead speculated to be the fault of a bug in the Spotify systems. It seems that the site has confused Rae and another artist. The two are separated on Apple Music, but Spotify seems to have mistaken them for the same person in this particular instance.

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Some fans speculated that this could have been the work of a toilet-humor hacker, which was also linked to a mysterious tweet from Rae on the same day — a post that simply read “MARCH 26” over and over again.

While it’s highly likely her March 26 tweet is in reference to her upcoming performance on the Jimmy Fallon show, this isn’t the first time a TikToker’s Spotify has been flubbed; in October 2020, Charli D’Amelio’s Spotify profile was compromised by hackers, who created quite a few playlists with questionable names under her account.

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Luckily, this situation seems to be an honest mistake in Spotify’s backend, and will hopefully be sorted out soon — and while Rae has yet to react to the hilarious slip-up, it’s certainly made for quite an interesting development for the newly-made singer.

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