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Emiru reveals struggles of Twitch streamers not wanting to collaborate with her

Published: 20/Oct/2021 21:36

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch streamer and Cloud9 cosplayer ‘Emiru’ opened up about her struggles in collaborating with fellow streamers, saying her “dreams came true” once she was finally able to begin making content with other creators.

A huge part of becoming a successful Twitch streamer is collaborating with other broadcasters.

It can be difficult to create opportunities to stream together, but as Emiru pointed out, it can be extremely satisfying once the opportunity presents itself.

emiru gwen
Emiru/Riot Games
Emiru cosplaying as Gwen from League of Legends.

Emiru’s struggles collaborating

Emiru described her struggles with collaborating with other content creators early in her career while during an October 19 broadcast.

“Literally like, six months ago or something, I remember I was laying in bed and I was like, God, no other streamers ask me to do stuff,” she explained. “I was so sad. And I was like, I wish that other streamers would ask me to do stuff. Not even, like, streamers smaller than me ever asked me to do stuff, so it wasn’t even like I only wanted to collab with people of a certain size. People never asked me to do stuff.”


However, Emiru says her fortunes eventually changed for the better. “Randomly, I got invited to the AT&T tournament and met so many people, and now people are inviting me to do things. Even though I don’t have like, a loud personality, and I’m not energetic. Ugh, I’m getting emotional. It’s literally like my dreams came true.”

She became quite emotional recounting her journey to becoming a successful streamer, shedding a few tears. After she made connections during the AT&T Annihilator Cup, which featured tons of top Twitch streamers, collaborating became quite easy for her.


emiru jinx cosplay
Emiru/Riot Games
Emiru cosplaying as Jinx from League of Legends.

Since then, she has become a frequent quest in Twitch star Mizkif’s videos, where it was announced that she’d be moving into his streamer house for further content creation.

Emiru also appeared on the One True King network’s YouTube page, joining them in their recent soccer tournament featuring the streaming networks’ top talents.

After the doors opened up for Emiru, the collaborations have kept on rolling, leaving her struggles in the past.