xQc explodes over “pathetic” Twitch stream sniper that just keeps ruining his games

xQc yells into his Twitch camera.Twitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has flown off the handle midway through his latest Twitch stream, cracking under the pressure of a persistent stream sniper that kept trying to make him lose and dubbing them “pathetic” and “lonely” in a brutal tirade.

Stream snipers have become a core ⁠— if very frustrating ⁠— part of the Twitch ecosystem these past few years, trolling star streamers across every game, from Warzone and Apex Legends to GTA RP, Fall Guys, and Among Us.

Usually, Twitch stars are able to keep a lid on their frustration when it comes to the camera-eager fans loading into their games for five seconds of fame. Every so often though, particularly egregious stream snipers push even the website’s biggest names to the edge, sparking moments of rage and fury. Just recently, Dr Disrespect even uninstalled Warzone entirely over one sniping fan.

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This week, it was xQc’s turn to hit boiling point on Twitch.

And, when he did, the French-Canadian absolutely unloaded on the sniper, dubbing him “lonely” and sad, and claiming he will never amount to anything in life.

Twitch-Streamer-xQc@2000x1270Twitch: xQc
The Twitch star hit his breaking point thanks to one Fall Guys stream sniper.

The spectacular rage came midway through xQc’s most recent Twitch stream on October 27, as he dove back into Devolver Digital’s hilarious party game Fall Guys. The streamer was enjoying himself, until a sniper loaded into the same lobby, and quickly set about trying to eliminate Lengyel.

At first, xQc wasn’t too worried and was just grumbling.

“Holy… these [stream] snipers can be just so f**king annoying dude, just so pesky,” he mumbled as he played. “They’re really just so f**king annoying yeah.”

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Devolver Digital
Fall Guys recently got new levels in its Season 5 update.

The stream sniper wasn’t just happy with a few moments on-broadcast, however; they kept following xQc throughout several Fall Guys knockout modes. On the game’s final level, Lengyel hit breaking point, absolutely unloading on his eager Twitch fan.

“Okay, you’re done! Holy sh*t! You have no friends, you’re a failure… you’re a degenerate! Nobody likes you! I get it, you’re lonely, now you die,” he yelled, trying to stay alive while yelling. “Just quit the f**king game!

“I can’t f**king deal with the kid dude,” the Twitch star admitted, exiting the final level. “On my ass, the whole game, just sucking my balls like the whole f**king game.”

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Unfortunately for xQc, the same Twitch stream sniper didn’t seem to get the message. They popped up again just two games later to try and pull off the same ‘follow the leader’ tricks they had been doing earlier.

“Why don’t they just ban the snipers? I don’t understand it,” he said, rage-quitting the game entirely. “He’s following me around like a little bitch ass, in every game.”