Eddie Hearn claims SaltPapi beats Jake Paul in a boxing match

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Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has revealed he believes that Salt Papi would beat Jake Paul in a boxing match.

First making his debut against comedian Halal Ham on the Deji vs. Alex Wassabi undercard, Salt Papi has quickly won the hearts of many influencer boxing fans.

The TikTok star then returned to the ring to face Andy Warski — who he took down with great ease — and ever since he’s become a fan-favorite fighter on KSI’s Misfits roster.

Furthermore, the 28-year-old put his skills to the test by stepping into the ring with Josh Brueckner. While many believed Brueckner could give him a run for his money, Papi still remains undefeated.

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His moves within the influencer boxing scene have caught the attention of boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, who believes Salt Papi could beat Jake Paul if given the opportunity.

Eddie Hearn believes Salt Papi beats Jake Paul

In an interview with Seconds Out Boxing, Hearn was asked if Salt Papi could take down Jake Paul if the two ever stepped into the ring.

To the surprise of many, the boxing promoter revealed he believes that the Philippine-born fighter would actually beat Jake.

“Ooh, Yes,” Eddie said with a bit of hesitation. “I rate Salt Papi – I think he’s good. Southpaw, pretty sharp. I like him because he’s a very similar physique to me. You know, like mans man.”

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It’s unclear whether a fight could happen this year, as Jake’s eyes are currently set on stepping in the ring with Tommy Fury before he gears up to touch gloves with KSI later this year.

However, fans would definitely love to see a bout between the two at some point.