KSI promises to “change boxing forever” ahead of huge Misfits announcement

KSI wearing cowboy hat at DAZN X Series 003 weigh-inDAZN / KSI

British YouTube star KSI has teased a huge announcement, claiming his boxing promotion, Misfits, will “change boxing forever.”

KSI has made significant strides in creating and transforming the world of influencer boxing into what it is today. Stemming from a white-collar bout with Joe Weller almost five years ago — a feud that has recently reignited — nobody could’ve guessed where it’d be now.

In his efforts to push the scene forward, the YouTuber has even created his own boxing promotion, Misfits Boxing, ahead of his return to the ring last year.

Founded alongside his manager MamsTaylor, as well as Kalle and Misse Sauerland from Wasserman Boxing, Misfits recently revealed that they even signed a five-year partnership deal with DAZN Boxing. Now, the YouTube star is ready to unveil his next major announcement.

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KSI teases huge Misfits Boxing announcement

In a recent tweet, the PRIME Hydration co-founder teased his fans with a huge announcement. Set to be revealed on January 30, the YouTuber claimed Misfits is going to “change boxing forever.”

“This Monday, Misfits is gonna change boxing forever,” he wrote. “This has NEVER been done before on the big stage. Watch this space…”

Nobody knows what the YouTuber has up his sleeve next, but It’s clear KSI has huge ambitions for influencer boxing. He recently revealed his goal is to make Misfits bigger than the WWE and maybe even overtake the UFC.

However, we know one thing for sure — influencer boxing is going to be sticking around a little while longer.

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