Dream reveals he only left his house four times in 2.5 years before face reveal

Dream with and without a maskDream, Jon Youshaei/YouTube

A year after his highly anticipated face reveal, Dream has opened up about his life and said he only left the house four times in almost three years due to being too paranoid that someone would recognize his voice.

It’s been one year since Dream shocked everyone by deciding to show his face for the first time. Before this, he’d been known to hide his face behind a big smiley face mask which has become his signature look.

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The Minecraft star said back in June 2021 that he would eventually do a face reveal, but that he plans to “take full advantage of it.” And he did just that by building hype over several weeks, revealing his face to fellow content creators one by one, before sharing it with his viewers on October 2, 2022.

Since then, he’s kept information about his life quiet. But on November 14, an interview with him and Jon Youshaei was published on YouTube, with Jon asking all about his life after the face reveal and his future plans.

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Dream reveals he was “too paranoid” to leave his house

Appearing in an interview with Jon Youshaei in November 2023, Dream opened up about his life before and after his face reveal, where he went on to reveal he only left his house four times in almost three years due to the fear and paranoia of being recognized.

The YouTuber told Jon: “I can count on one hand the number of times I left the house between the end of 2019 to when I face revealed.

“I went to the dentist a couple of times, went to the doctor once, went to the Spider-Man movie… that’s four, is that it?”

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“Over the span of two years?” Jon asked.

“Yeah, two and a half years. Maybe I’m missing a time or two but I had groceries brought to me, I just didn’t leave the house. I dropped many shades of like, color. I became very very pale. But yeah, no I did never really leave the house, but when I did, I was very paranoid,” Dream added.

He went on to say he’d been driven four hours to another state just to go to the dentist since people knew he lived in Florida and he was scared of being recognized.

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“I was like, if they hear my name is Clay or they hear my voice and be like ‘wait, wait a second’, then I’d be really worried.

“I wanted [the face reveal] to be like, my moment. I don’t want to risk even for a second like taking it away from me.”

Dream continued to say that people had been flying drones over his house just to catch a glimpse of what he looked like. “I had a lot of fear,” he said about the time.

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