Joe Rogan announces the return of his famous ‘Carnivore Diet’ for January 2021

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Joe Rogan returns to Carnivore Diet 2021

Famed podcast host Joe Rogan took walk on the wild side last year by starting 2020 on the ‘Carnivore Diet’ — and this year, he’s doing it again, in spite of some of its unexpected side-effects.

The ‘Carnivore Diet’ is basically what it sounds like: For one month, participants completely eschew vegetables, fruit, and grains, consuming only direct animal products like meat, milk and eggs.

Although unusual, the Carnivore Diet became highly popularized by Joe Rogan, who kicked off 2020 with a bang by undergoing the diet for the full month of January.

A year has passed since then, and it looks like he’s undertaking the diet once more, as announced in an Instagram post on January 1, 2021.

Joe Rogan returns to Carnivore Diet 2021
On January 1, Joe Rogan revealed a return to his “Carnivore Diet,” after he undertook a similar meal plan last year.

According to Rogan, he lost 12 pounds on the diet in 2020 and hopes to see similar results this year — although he did admit that some of its “side effects” weren’t super fantastic.

“January is ‘world carnivore diet’ month,” he said. “I did it last year, lost 12 pounds, and really felt great (other than having ruthlessly explosive diarrhea for the first couple weeks), so I’m gonna give it a go again this year.”


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That’s not all; he also admitted that the diet had a “remarkable” effect on his energy levels. However, its important to remember that it’s not all sunshine and roses — last year, Rogan admitted that his bowel movements became seriously upended after beginning his meat-only agenda.

“With regular diarrhea, I would compare it to a fire you see coming a block or two away, and you have the time to make an escape,” he explained. “This carnivore diet is like out of nowhere the fire is coming through the cracks, your doorknob is red hot, and all hope is lost.”


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He also stated that he began to feel more “aggressive” on the diet, claiming that he had “to workout extra to keep the demons at bay.”

Luckily, Rogan claimed that these were the only downsides of the meal plan, from his experience. Otherwise, he claimed to feel more energized, as well as feeling “healthier,” “happier and well balanced.”

Fans will have to wait and see what 2021 has in store for the podcast prince as he undertakes his meat-only mission once again.

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