Dream under fire for $50 figure of himself: “Worse than Funko Pops”

Virginia Glaze
Dream Under fire for plush figure price

Minecraft star Dream is coming under fire for selling a $50 plush of his famous smiling icon, angering many fans over its price.

Dream is one of the most prominent Minecraft creators on the internet. At first, Dream was known as a ‘faceless’ content creator, meaning he refused to show his face online and instead operated under fan-made art and avatars.

At first, his avatar was a crudely drawn stick person with an adorably goofy smiling face, which was later used as a mask that he would wear in both real-life photos on Instagram and in fanart.

However, Dream famously revealed his face to the internet last year, sparking a wave of both criticism and praise toward the YouTuber, simultaneously.

Dream face reveal
Dream took off the mask in October 2022, but he’s still using the iconic smiley face in his merchandise.

Although he’s happy to show his face now, Dream continues to use his famous smiling avatar in his content. Most recently, fans picked up on a plush figure that he’s selling of this avatar on his official website, which is currently available for pre-order.

Dream comes under fire over $50 plush

The plushie is officially called the ‘Dream Blob,’ and is a simple, pawn-like figure with a smiling face. It sits at 9 inches tall and has a weighted base. However, it isn’t the plush itself that’s drawing fans’ ire; instead, it’s the price point at which it’s been listed, which is a whopping $49.99.

Dream plushie pre-order
Dream’s plush figure is available for pre-order for $49.99 USD.

Many fans have taken to social media to complain about the price point for such a small figure, with YouTuber ‘spatnz’ calling the product “worse than Funko Pops.”

Other critics took to Twitter to vent their frustrations, with one comparing Dream’s plushie to “that one f*cked up elephant plush from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”

“I promise you, nobody is actually buying that dream plush,” another said.


Another user pointed out that the website offers a payment plan for the plushy, which can come in a set with two other figures for $139.

Dream has yet to respond to the outrage surrounding the price of his forthcoming figure — but he’s shown he isn’t afraid to hit back at drama in the past, as seen when he addressed outrage around a Minecraft server he made last month.

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