Asmongold hits back at critics who accuse him of “faking” mental health issues

Ethan Dean
Asmongold Livestream

Streamer and OTK owner Asmongold came under fire on his subreddit from fans awaiting a particular piece of content. On a recent stream, Asmon discovered the backlash but was quick to fire back at select viewers accusing him of “faking” mental health issues.

In March 2022 Asmongold and fellow OTK streamers raised $500,000 in support of Ukraine through a series of charity streams. As a tiered reward, Asmongold promised to make another entry in a popular series of streams where he regales viewers with tales of his original runs through major WoW expansions.

In his latest stream, Asmongold was browsing his own subreddit when he came across a post counting the 466 days since he promised the content which is still unposted. “You guys are right on this one I do need to do it,” he said when he discovered the post.

Things took a turn, however, when he read some comments on the thread that accused him of embellishing some health issues that plagued him recently. One comment suggesting he would “fake a panic attack” prompted him to ask “What’s this weird s**t?”

“I just want people to understand, the reason I had that panic attack, it was because I had just spent like 13 hours playing a game,” Asmongold said. “I thought I had a blood clot. I went to the emergency room and got an ultrasound on my leg because I was really scared. That’s why I had a panic attack.”

He continued reading the comments, some of which suggested that if they kept harassing him in the thread, he would take another break. A claim Asmongold also refuted.

“It wasn’t because of comments or s**t like that. It had nothing to do with my stream,” he said. “It did in a way but like, not in that way.” The streamer said that he was fine with people calling him out on the fact he hadn’t uploaded the WoW stream yet.

“Y’all can talk about this s**t (the Cataclysm video) all you want. That’s fine but don’t say I’m gonna have a f**king panic attack over it,” he said. “I just don’t want people to think I was using some mental or emotional s**t to have to avoid doing a stream.”

Asmongold did explain the real reason he hadn’t yet streamed the Cataclysm part of his WoW series yet. “The reason why it’s harder for me to do the Cataclysm one is because I have to black out so many f**king things,” he said. “I’m probably just gonna have to put a default black box on the chat, just so nobody can read what’s in there.”

The Reddit post that originally called this out has since been deleted and Asmongold hasn’t given a timeframe for when the stream will drop. He did say he understands that he owes it to the people who donated. “I know I need to do it.”

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