Asmongold claims Ibai deserved to win Streamer of the Year award over Ludwig

asmongold-ibai-streamer-awards-ludwigTwitch: Ibai / Asmongold

Asmongold believes Ibai deserved to win the Streamer of the Year award along with Ludwig at The Streamer Awards and lamented over the fact he wasn’t even nominated at all.

Ludwig won the most prestigious award at The Streamer Awards, the Streamer of the Year. It marked his achievement as the best overall streamer based on success, elevation of his brand, and the impact he had on viewers.

Asmon believes Ludwig deserved it because he “puts a lot of work” into his content. “He generally has more of a plan than most of us,” he said. “That’s something to be admired. That’s something to aspire to.”

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He also thinks the fact Ludwig pulled off a “groundbreaking” subathon and engrained it into Twitch culture played a part. “Now everyone’s doing the subathon. He started a trend that’s been going on for an entire year.”

However, Asmon believes two other candidates deserved to win.

Ludwig won the Streamer of the Year award.

The first is xQc. “xQc streams all the time. He streams all kinds of games, and he gets viewership. He’s the number one streamer right now, and he’s earned it.”

“Being able to play any game and make it entertaining for the audience – that’s a talent.

The fact he can make WWE2K22 funny to watch is impressive. On top of that, he can play an FPS or whatever else. Few streamers can do that.”

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xqc-streamer-awards-ludwigTwitch: xQc
xQc missed out on winning the award.

The other candidate, which he was the most passionate about since he wasn’t nominated for the award, was Ibai. “The other third person that nobody seems to talk about because he’s Spanish is Ibai,” said Asmon.

“In my opinion, Ibai has had more growth than Ludwig and xQc, but nobody sees this because it’s in another culture,” he explained. “That guy is so f**king massive.” Then, he listed some of his achievements.

“He collaborated with Messi, he’s putting on TV-quality shows regularly on Twitch, his production quality is next level, and he was able to create a network of content creators for the Spanish-speaking audience.”

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Ibai Llanos laughs during Twitch stream.Twitch: Ibai Llanos
Asmon believes Ibai deserved to win Streamer of the Year.

Ibai accomplished a lot throughout the year. Asmon believes it was enough to warrant a nomination for Streamer of the Year, let alone win it. However, it was something ultimately decided by fans, and he missed out.

Still, he didn’t want to take anything away from Ludwig’s win. Asmon also claimed two awards for himself, Best MMORPG Streamer and Best Content Organization, the latter of which he shared with other OTK members.