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Dr Disrespect’s Spanish gets roasted after congratulating TheGrefg on Twitch record

Published: 12/Jan/2021 23:32

by Alan Bernal


Twitch star David ‘TheGrefg’ Cánovas roasted Dr Disrespect’s Spanish message to congratulate the streamer for hitting over 2.5 million viewers on Twitch, but native speakers noticed the execution was a little shaky.

TheGrefg turned heads when he broke his own Twitch viewership record in the lead up to his new Fortnite skin being revealed. The stream absolutely shattered all previous records, including the last one he set to the tune of 660,000 viewers.

The Spanish streamer’s mentions were skyrocketing after the stats came through for the new record. It was astonishing to see the number continually rise, even after easily surpassing one million in concurrent viewers.


But not to go unnoticed, the Doc gave a personal message to Grefg letting him know that the Two-Time was hot on his heels for the record.

“Hello Gregory. How are you? Good? Me, I’m incredible. Just wanted to congratulate you for your new milestone,” Doc said in Spanish. “Your numbers are impressive. But don’t be too arrogant just because you don’t have to deal with the Two-Time back-to-back 1993-1994 video game champion. All in good time, I’m coming for you and I’m going to look good doing it.”

“I hope you don’t play like you speak Spanish, in this case, I will destroy you,” Grefg said in response. “Nah I’m kidding, thank you for your words, big man.”


What’s impressive is that the Doc attempted the entire message in a foreign tongue to him, however it didn’t exactly come clean enough for people to make it out on the first attempt.

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TheGrefg Twitter
TheGrefg showed a ton of respected to the Doc in light of the video message.

It’s not surprising for a foreign language to sound a bit off coming from new speakers, and Grefg recognized that while giving back a bit of banter to the Doc.

But it’s all in good fun, as it appears he is a fan of the YouTuber streamer. “Every day when I wake up I think that nothing is going to surprise me. Suddenly, things like this happen that remind me that life always surprises. Good Spanish, Dr Disrespect, good Spanish.”


In the video, it did sound like Doc is aiming to challenge TheGrefg in some way soon, so we’ll see have to see if any more comes out of the wild milestone.